How to Create a Floral Invitation in PSD

The rule of thumb for invitations is the earlier you send them over to your guests, the more of the odds most of them will attend. While not all are guaranteed, a majority of the number may be expected. After you’ve got one of our ready-made templates above, follow these key tips in finishing it on your own in no time and produce them shortly.

1. Define the Floral Visual Style

Before your invitation card is read upon, its recipients will have most likely have prejudgement on your invitation card according to its visual design. Viewers can promptly perceive what will be the environment of the event. Generally, it helps you establish the mood of your particular event. Since you’re considering of a floral themed event, make sure your invitation card doesn’t get left behind in your floral preparation. Visualize your invitation card with the color scheme of a floral theme. Take visual inspirations from flowers, nature, and the environment.

On top of that, too many visual elements in the design can be quite overwhelming also to see. Don’t hoard your invitation card with a great amount of graphics. Uniformity of the entire visual design on your invitation card is also the key to an appealing floral invitation card.

2. Clear Specifics

For your header, project the dedication of the event to your invitation card sharply. The recipients or your desired guests are always eager to be aware of what’s the event will be about that requests their presence. Make sure your wordings on your header won’t confuse your readers. You may not tell the event name directly and/or word it out with the use of some figurative languages, but make sure it does deliver your intentions seamlessly. Your header should be placed at the top, front page of your invitation card.

For your event details, always double-check them. These details are very vital for your guests to be aware of. Make sure it’s spelled correctly and specified. State the complete address, time and date, and other pertinent information regarding the event.

3. Compliment Typefaces

Your typefaces are your representatives in delivering your message. And for this sample invitation use, the use of fancy typefaces are generally highly suggested. Considering it's a party event, skip away in using the simple ones like Arial and Tahoma. Though this may appear your wordings clearly, its visual characteristics are not fairly reasonable for your invitation card's floral layout. Nevertheless, this tip goes evenly to the use of fancy typefaces as well. Don't make use of too much-fancied ones wherein it doesn't appear very easy to read anymore. Consider your overall visual design as well in choosing your typefaces. Some typefaces are just exceptionally to look into that particular design. Always find the balance and harmony for each element.

4. Incorporate Photographic Art

Nothing gets even more way of having the invitation card more personal by incorporating your personal photography onto the card. An invitation card doesn't only have to be computer-generated graphics. Place the high-quality images accordingly within the invitation. Examine also if you can include photos of the person or people the event is dedicated to. One good way also to hone your skills in photography!

5. Print on Textured Material (Optional but Strongly Recommended)

If you want to add value to your printable invitation cards, printing them on paper stocks with distinctive features like their texture and sometimes, the scent is one great way to achieve that. For your floral-theme invitation card, there are numerous scented papers available in the market that can suit it best. Though this might be an additional cost for you, the outcome will be so distinctive.

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