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How To Create A Car Wash Flyer in Microsoft Word?

Almost everyone in the US has a car. Approximately 83% of the population has a car or has a way to own or drive one. There's at least 1 to every household. With the number of vehicles rising, there's a need for a car wash or any services regarding motor vehicles.

With the car population on the rise, the Car Wash and Auto Detailing industry has experienced steady growth over the five years to 2018. The total revenue of the industry is a staggering $12 Billion for the year 2018, while its annual growth rate is at 3.9%. Opportunities in this area are sure.

1. Download the Microsoft Word Program (Optional)

You can skip this step if you have downloaded the program already.

Microsoft Word is a widely used program designed by Microsoft. It is widespread, and you can get it anywhere on the Internet. Remember to download the application from legitimate websites and authorized distributors. Downloading from illegal sites could bring malware software or viruses on your computer. So, be sure to get copies from authorized sellers.

2. Open the Word Program

After the download, you should then install the program on your device. Installing the program could sometimes go awry if your computer does not have the necessary hardware or settings. That's why it pays to have a better computer or device. If the error is consistent, you can go ahead and download the later version of the program rather than the current one. If the installation was a success, you could now open your program.

3. Format the Document

After opening the application, you can then format your document. Formating the text is essential. Remember your printable material when you are setting your paper. The design should not be bigger than your print. It's not good to design something for 8.5x13 when you are going to use an 8.5x11 flyer. Failure to set the proper margins could give you more work after everything. Remember to add background to your blank file or template after this.

4. Add Concise Details

With the format and the background set, it is now time to add the details. Adding the details is a must. Take note that being concise is a need when adding features. Attaching a long set of words on a small leaflet will never go right as the reader might be off when reading too much. Make your lines catchy and straightforward. Minimalism art is a suitable type of design for small articles like flyers or leaflets.

5. Save and Print

With everything set, it's now time to save the file. Keeping a backup file is a necessity. At times there may be a chance of deleting everything, and if you are missing the original format, you might feel bad. So, be sure always to save whenever you had the chance. After you're done keeping a backup, it's now time to print your flyer. You can then start distributing your car wash flyer for high school events, church conferences, and cheerleading contests.

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