Marketing flyers can convey essential information to a large group of people. Moreover, flyers are easy to distribute, which is a great advantage on the part of the marketers. For this reason, numerous advertisers utilize this type of promotional material. If you are a business owner and you want to maximize your profit, then create a flyer by using our beautifully designed marketing flyer templates. These templates are 100% customizable, printable, and easily editable, guaranteed to help you promote your business. These files are also instantly downloadable in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. Our templates range from real estate broker marketing flyers to marketing agency flyers. Whatever your business may be, there is a flyer for you! What are you waiting for? Download now!

How to Create a Marketing Flyer in Adobe Illustrator

The availability of social media gave rise to digital marketing; thus, opening new doors to various industries all over the world. However, other forms of promotion, like print media advertising, have not lost its significance in the field of marketing. A survey conducted by FedEx revealed that 85% of consumers said that small businesses with print materials like business cards, flyers, or banners, have higher chances of persuading them to avail of their product or service. This data shows that even in this digital age, flyers can still be a great platform to advertise your business or promote an event. In this short guide, we will walk you through five simple ways to create a marketing flyer in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Use Adobe Illustrator in Designing

Adobe Illustrator is an editing software used for creating artworks and illustrations. This program is also ideal for designing for both print and digital materials. To start, click File > New. After this, a pop-up box will appear wherein you have to input the file name, size, and orientation of your design. You may also add bleed value if necessary. Then, think about the design style you want to achieve, be it creative, minimalist, modern, etc. After deciding how you want our flyer to look like, select the right fonts and colors you will use. You may see our flyer templates for design ideas

2. Remember the Importance of Headlines

Headlines are one of the most crucial components in every print material regardless of which industry your business belongs to. Make sure that the headline is catchy enough to hook the recipients of your flyers to read the entire content. Headlines may consist of a statistic, question, announcement, or a promotional offer.

3. Be Concise

In writing details about the products and services you offer, keep your sentences brief. It is not necessary to discuss your business proposals or offers detail by detail. What’s important is you get to communicate the most essential information to your target market. You should also include necessary details about your travel agency, real estate firm, school, home inspection company, etc.

4. Add Images

Photography is one important element in a promotional material since it helps convey messages to potential customers or clients. Although marketing flyers are a one-paged document, it provides enough space for you to add images in your design. If you are running a real estate company, you may attach photos of the properties you offer, such as residential houses and apartments. You may hire a professional photographer to ensure the quality of your photos.

5. Save, Print, and Distribute

Proofread the content of your service or sales flyer and make sure it doesn’t have glaring mistakes. Then, save your file to get it ready for printing. Use high-quality paper to convey professionalism and print multiple copies for distribution. Lastly, one effective strategy to attract new customers is to distribute promotional materials in high traffic areas.

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