If you’ve been looking all over the vast online land of the Internet for a beautifully-designed template to slap onto a flyer to spread the word about an upcoming football/soccer tournament, then you’ve definitely scored a goal by visiting our site! Soccer is a fun outdoor sport to both play and watch, so we’ve made sure to expertly craft our roster of professional Ready-made Soccer Flyer Templates so you can have a league champion’s confidence in using our designs for your promo. Our templates are easy-editable in Apple Pages; available in 8.5x11 inches with bleed and CMYK colors with 300 DPI resolution. Stop waiting and kick off your advertisements now!

How to Make a Soccer Flyer in Pages

Be a top-class Playmaker with your promotions and advertisements by utilizing Apple Pages and our Ready-made Soccer Flyer Templates. And by following the easy steps in our guide below, you’re sure to score triumphantly into the Onion Bag of anyone’s attention and interest!

1. No Moolah? No Problem!

We all know how expensive it is to shell out the cash for fancy premium-grade art/illustration software to install onto your Mac desktop. Do you really need to spend so much to make your flyer or poster pretty enough for everyone to admire? No!

There are plenty of free art and design programs out there that you can get your hands on for the purpose of editing any of our soccer flyer templates. However, we would like to strongly recommend Apple Pages for your editing needs! Why? Because of how Pages is not only free of charge but is also a simple yet powerful graphic-rendering app!

But maybe you’re wondering if Pages is really that good for being a free program. I mean, you get what you pay for, right? Well, as a product from a renowned pioneering brand like Apple, you can be sure that Pages is far more than just a throwaway program from some random publisher. Pages is designed to be easy to approach while still being feature-rich, giving you all the essential tools to help you spruce up your template.

If you’re still not convinced, then just download Pages anyway and give it a shot -- it’s free after all! All you have to “pay” is a visit to Apple’s online app store to find it. After you fire it up and start poking around, you’ll see right away just how capable Pages is in fulfilling your commercial needs.

2. Keep up with the Flow While on the Go

So, if you’re now confident in using Pages or at least giving it a chance, we can now proceed with downloading it from Apple’s online shop and installing it onto your Mac. Oh, but wait, Pages is available for your favorite mobile iOS devices too! Now you can just pull out your iPad or iPhone to start working on your templates whenever and wherever you need to, whether you’re eating out for your lunch break or waiting for your late friends to eventually arrive for your meetup. Plus, you can take advantage of Apple Pencil with your device’s built-in stylus for a more natural and intuitive way of interacting with the app!

3. Grab a Shiny New Template

Now that you’ve got Pages installed and ready to go, it’s time to pick out a design for your ad. Be it inviting registration to a youth league in your academy or promoting an upcoming local derby match, you’re sure to have your flyers be as good as a Hat-trick by using our templates!

4. Make It Flashy

When you’ve decided on a template to use, just use the download button on its respective page and you can start editing your flyer. Be sure to use some clever wording when writing the text and to keep color theory in mind when altering the design; it also helps to choose some matching font to write the text in.

5. Goal!

Do some final touch-ups and you can now save your work to get it ready for printing. Make your flyers as exciting to look at as the sport itself with our Ready-made Soccer Flyer Templates!

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