Screaming and shouting. Those are what you'll hear during an intense game like American football. You'll get to feel the slow rising of tension from both players and die-hard fans due to the intensity of the game. If you plan to organize a football event, then you might want to have a football game flyer to promote this event. Successfully promote the football game through our professionally crafted Football Game Flyer Templates. We guarantee you a quick and hassle-free flyer-making process. Easily editable and 100% customizable in all versions of Microsoft Word. Downloadable in any devices you own for convenience. Gather die-hard football fans to your event by downloading one of our templates now.

How to Make a Football Game Flyer in Word

November 12, 1892, was the day where American football came to be. It was a day that will always be engraved in the history of sports. The most popular football championship is the Super Bowl, which is held every year. According to Statista, during 2019, Super Bowl garnered 98.2 million viewership in the United States alone. This sporting event is popular in the United States because it expresses the passion and national identity of Americans. Football is vital to the American culture considering that it embodies the American dream. It is believed that this sports competition brings Americans together. Football fans pass their devotion to sports from generation to generation. Football is so popular that you can find high school and college football contests. Start advertising the football contest you're organizing the right way through creating a football game flyer in Microsoft Word. Here is a short guide to help you quickly make one.

1. Come Up With a Catchy Headline

The headline is always crucial to any advertising tool, whether it is a brochure or a flyer. This is the first text the human eyes will look at. It can come as a short phrase or a word placed strategically on the flyer. A catchy headline will be the focal point of your football game flyer. The headline is the means that will hook readers' attention towards the flyer and make them read further. Playing with words can be a great approach to formulating a catchy headline. Because you are promoting an event, your headline approach might as well be inviting the reader to watch the sporting event.

2. Formulate Content Strategy

Plan. That is the first thing you need to consider when writing the content of your flyer. You cannot simply place the information you wish to input on your flyer. It has limited space, so think carefully about the details you want to present. Cutting down the details on your flyer to the basics is essential. And since it is an event flyer, specifics like the game day, time, location, competing football teams, and contact information should be present. Keeping the information straightforward will make it easier for the viewers to read the contents.

3. Make it Interesting

A flyer's goal is to get the attention of readers, and to achieve that; you need to give it a design. The typical way of making your flyer interesting is through the font styles and colors you use. However, you can opt to add images on your flyer. Since it is a football game flyer, you can use pictures of football players. Just make sure that it is parallel to the purpose of the flyer. When utilizing images and graphic designs, make sure they are of high quality.

4. Consider the Distribution

Promotional flyers need to be distributed in high traffic areas. Consider your target demographic before you start the distribution process. Other than handing out flyers, you may as well spread the flyers through mailing them and placing them on bulletin boards in areas like cafes and bistros. Moreover, you can opt to distribute your flyers digitally. You can send them as emails or publish them on websites and social media.

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