Having a baby in your family can be really exciting as celebrating the gift of life can gather a bunch of close friends and family together. So, if you are planning a gender reveal party anytime soon, we highly suggest you take a look at the variety of Gender Reveal Invitation Templates in PSD. Our products are well-made, 100% customizable, and user-friendly. We have a wide array of simple to extravagant designs to give your guests a sample of what is to come for the party. If you want to create a creative invitation, then you’re in luck! Our products are beautifully designed fit to cater to your design needs. What are you waiting for? Download now!

How to Make a Gender Reveal Invitation in Photoshop

Gender reveal parties have recently become a hot trend among expecting parents. According to Google Trends, the searches for gender reveal party ideas have risen to start in 2012 and has been relevant in the past few years. According to an article in HuffPost, the first video of a gender reveal party on Youtube dated back in 2009. But during mid-2011, an influx of gender reveal videos were uploaded online, making it now a norm for pregnant couples.

Often, gender reveals and baby showers are celebrated once, though other families skip one for the other or even have two parties to celebrate the coming of their lovely cherub. Regardless, if you are looking to have a gender reveal party, inviting your friends and family to the event is a must. Make it more creative and fun by having a fun invitation to send out through the mail, social media, or in an email. If you think you need some assistance in crafting your gender reveal invitation, we suggest reading more so you can learn our tips and tricks!

1. Lay Out the Design Elements of Your Invitation

Perhaps you would like to incorporate a theme for your gender reveal party. List down what you want to feature may it be diaper designs, underwater, or safari. This will help make your party more fun and lets guests see a sample of what to expect during the gender reveal. You could even use baby shower invitations as a guide when creating your gender reveal invitation.

2. Choose Neutral Colors

When we say neutral colors, we don’t mean bland colors like beige, gray, or black. What we mean is to use colors that are not correlated to a specific gender like pink for girls or blue for boys. We suggest using colors like gold, white, or yellow OR have an equal mixture of blue and pink to balance the designs out. We even have baby invitations available for you to use. These have pastel colors that are dainty and pleasing to look at that very much resemble the presence of a little bundle of joy.

3. Use a Language that the Recipient Understands

For families that speak multiple languages, creating multi-language invitations can be a possibility. Make sure your local guests are given invitations that are in the language of your location and give a separate one for out-of-town visitors. May it be Spanish, Chinese, or French, catering to your guests’ needs adds a special touch to your party card.

4. Send a Thank You Card After the Event

It is great to be surrounded by people who are just as excited to meet your expected baby! It’s heartwarming and makes having a child all the more exciting. Once your party is done, take note of who helped out in the preparation, and to who was present. Show your gratitude and appreciation by sending out a thank you card. This will warm their hearts to see that their mere presence is a great blessing to you and your family.

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