Newborns bring joy and peace to every household. Perhaps, nothing is more exciting than waiting for the arrival of an addition to the family. If you are expecting parents waiting to get the lack of sleep satisfaction but with full joy and gratitude, then celebrate this moment of a new journey with a gender reveal party! Invite your friends and family by exploring through our Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Gender Reveal Invitation Templates in Publisher. Aside from that, you can get these files in sizes 4X6 inches and 5x7 Inches + Bleed. Be provided with convenience and avoid taking so much time. Together, welcome the newest member. Download a template today! 

How to Create a Gender Reveal Invitation in Publisher

Is it a girl, or is it a boy? It is indeed every parent’s dream to have a child. However, readying yourself for the lack of sleep, exhaustion, and stress will never be a hindrance to consider. Based on the data released by UNICEF, there are over 386, 000 newborns are given birth to every New Year’s Day. Even so, it is every mother’s dream to carry their own. So, if you are soon-to-be parents, celebrating this momentous event of your life is essential. Celebrate the fun and exciting night with a gender reveal party. This leap of faith is better when celebrated with friends and family. Inform and gather them around by sending off invitation cards. To help you through, below are some tips you can follow in creating a Gender Reveal Invitation in Publisher.

1. Decide on a Fancy Theme

What’s the scoop? Get everything ready just before the pregnancy due date. Start with the most basic, and that is to pick a theme for the reveal party. Having it in a blue and pink color theme is typical. But there are different gender reveal ideas you can always look into online. Be it rustic or tropical, your event invitation must compliment your party decorations. That is why it is necessary to decide beforehand.

2. Pick an Invitation Template

So, have you considered a theme that everyone will enjoy? Then it is time to get yourself handy with the invitation layout. Don’t take it too long, reveal if it is a girl or boy just at the right time. Achieve this by choosing the template of your preference. Our website helps you pick a Ready-Made Gender Reveal Invitation Template from our variety of selections. Download your choice. Next, customize it using Publisher.

3. Highlight the Details

Is it guns or glitters? Shower your guests with a hint of the details. Think of a catchy headline that will burst excitement and fun. To make it more thrilling, get them to involve. You can do this by simply asking them their preference. Then, allow them to win cute and attractive prizes during the party. Now for the details, use the 3W’s as a guide. What, when, and where will eventually complete your party invitation.

4. Play with Colors and Images

Send a baby invitation with confetti and fun by incorporating decorative elements. Use vectors, and images that will make your invitation popping. Play with colors. But we suggest you use colors that pop out. In other words, you’ll need to incorporate pastels, neon, and the brightest shades. Even when you get the freedom to modify the look of your card, remember to avoid overdoing it. Make sure to observe proper margin and spacing. Other than that, keep it classy at the same time.

5. Finalize and Reveal

Get yourself ready for the big day! But before anything else, finalize the whole output. Be sure to check every detail. Make the necessary adjustment before printing. Get everyone to be involved. And let them share their opinions about the cards. Once done, reveal it by printing and sending off sample invitations to your families and friends.

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