How to Make a Hair Salon Flyer in InDesign

Hair. Most people say it's a person's crowning glory. But, aside from making people look fashionable, a person's hair plays a vital role in the body. It acts as insulation from the sun. Additionally, to some cultures, hairs are sacred, they are used to express feelings, and also, symbolize seduction. With these things being said, hairs are one of the most important things for people, physically or culturally. To show how people like to pamper their hairs, the spa and beauty salon business had a global revenue of US$128.59 billion. That's a huge amount! So to continually survive in the beauty market, you have to step your business up. Make sure that you make your business known with the use of flyers.

Don't know how to start creating one? Don't worry, try these useful steps below:

1. Use an Attractive Headline

Whether you're promoting a grand opening or merely marketing a nail salon, a beauty parlor, or a hair salon, you have to make a catchy headline. Your flyer headline should be short. It has to awaken the curiosity of your audience—leaving them to know more. When thinking for a headline, always address how you can help your customers and put them into creative words. Make sure that you convey your message on the headline so that people will know.

2. Emphasize the Services

To support the headline, you must include the services of your salon. When writing the services, list them one by one. You can also focus on listing the main services instead of writing everything on the marketing flyer. Don't occupy the flyer with all the services or you won't have room for the pictures and other information.

3. Beautify with Designs

Now, to unleash your grand creativity, design the flyer! People love great visuals—so give it to them. Try using a theme on the flyer to make it more beautiful. Don't forget the colors. Colors emphasize the designs on the creative flyer, and that's why it's great to use them. But, be wise in using different color combinations, because some work and some don't. More so, after you've designed the flyer, you can ask other people for opinions about it.

4. Add Images

Images are great additions to making great salon flyers. Start looking for high-quality pictures that you can use on the flyer. The images have to be relevant to the flyer hair salon's message. You may add an image of a person with a beautiful and attractive hairstyle or artistic photos of hair salon equipment. You have a lot of preferences. Make sure that your pictures can persuade people to try your services.

5. Use an Awesome Flyer Template

Since we can't tell time, you might be busy in your hair salon and don't have time to start making a simple flyer from nothing, so, consider a flyer template. Choose from different flyer templates which you think fits best to your business. Then, customize and edit it. Lastly, print and distribute them. Good luck!

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