How to Create a Hair Salon Flyer in Adobe Photoshop

Hair Salon Industry in the United States is significantly developing. In fact, there are more than one million businesses in the country as of 2019 and expected to grow by 2.7%. That huge number simply implies that almost all Americans are serious about taking care of their beauty, especially their hair. If you're establishing a hair salon business and promoting it to the public, here are practical tips you can follow to create a compelling hair salon flyer.

1. Craft a Punchy Headline

Are you preparing for a grand opening of your beauty and hair salon? Or, are you promoting your hair salon services? Whatever your reasons may be, always put a brief yet impactful headline in your flyer. Weak headlines result in putting your flyer in a trash bin. Avoid that to happen. Make your readers fall in love at first with your fashion flyer by having a punchy headline.

2. Highlight a Benefit

Who would say no to offers? Well, people love them. For instance, in your hair salon advertising flyer, highlight a benefit that provides solution to their hair problems. Put yourself in the customer's shoes and ask yourself, "What's in it for me?" Readers do not pay too much attention to long messages. Keep it short and direct to the point. Inject powerful keywords such as save, free, new, and guarantee. Just a tip: Make these words bigger and bolder.

3. Incorporate High-quality Images

When thinking a focal point for your flyer, incorporate high-quality and remarkable photos. A winning flyer design effortlessly grabs your reader's attention to skim further. Connect your chosen photos to the message of your flyer. That way, readers can easily understand what your flyer is all about. Avoid adding blurry and dull images. Always opt for 300 dpi high-resolution images for your printable flyers.

4. Add a Call-to-Action

Don't leave your readers with hanging information. One of the most vital elements in your salon promotional flyer is the call-to-action statement. It guides and directs your readers to what they are going to do upon reading the information. Some active words you can apply in your CTA's are "Try it," "Get," "Improve, "etc. Moreover, include your contact details at the bottom part of your flyer.

5. Beautify with Text and Design Elements

Be it creative, minimal, or modern flyers, combining the text and design elements is a must-do. Incorporate visual components that are appropriate for your message. These include using readable fonts, suitable color schemes, and an organized layout. For instance, in your beauty salon flyer, use elegant and fashionable fonts. Choose a color scheme that matches your business branding. In a nutshell, beautify your flyer using design elements that suit the overall style and purpose of your flyer.

6. Download a Ready-made Template

Exhausting yourself to create a flyer from zero is a daunting task. Lighten up the burden by looking for sample flyer templates above this article. Freely download, open, and personalize your desired flyer in Adobe Photoshop or any accessible file formats. When you're done, proofread or ask a friend to check it. Print using high-quality paper stock and you're ready to distribute it in public places.

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