Music is undeniably a big part of many different cultures from around the world. One form of music (and dance) is hip hop, a genre that expresses itself in a stylish and bold attitude. If you need an urban-style leaflet or poster, then feel free to download any of our Ready-Made Hip Hop Flyer Templates! Quickly design material to promote your dance club or DJ concert with these professional, easily editable samples; each one being printable and 100% customizable in Adobe Illustrator. With our templates, you have the choice between A4 and US letter sizes to compose with as you so choose. So, stop waiting and download now to advertise your hip hop event!

How to Make Hip Hop Flyers in Adobe Illustrator

Back during the 1970s, the genre of hip hop was being conceived. Although, this cultural movement wouldn’t truly gain traction until the 80s would come along. And, ever since then, it has become a staple in the art of music and dance. With its bold attitude and urban-themed tones, hip hop has undoubtedly made its mark on modern culture!

So, for your upcoming hip hop event, you definitely want to make sure your promotional material can match the tone and flair of the genre. If you’re having trouble putting together your own handout or poster, our Ready-Made Hip Hop Flyer Templates can help you out! With these samples, you can show off just how awesome your party or audition is gonna be, each design having its own way of presenting the spirit of hip hop.

But, maybe you’re thinking that flyers are too old-fashioned to use nowadays. On the contrary--flyers are still an effective way of exposing yourself to a wide audience. According to, flyers are quick to make and one of the cheapest ways to advertise; it’s a perfect fit for anyone on a budget. Check out our tips to see how you can use Adobe Illustrator in creating your own flyer designs!

1. Download Your Choice from Our Hip Hop Designs

It’s always so frustrating when you have a particular design idea but can’t find the right kind of template to work off of. That’s why we make sure that our Ready-Made Hip Hop Flyer Templates come in a diverse array of choices. From sleek vector art to stylized photography, we have plenty of varying designs for you to pick from.

2. Spruce up Your New Template in Adobe Illustrator

With your new flyer design downloaded and ready, it’s time to get to work in Adobe Illustrator.

Editing a template can seem a bit daunting at first, especially for someone with little to no experience in art/design. Fortunately, all of our hip hop flyers are masterfully crafted for quick and easy editing by anyone! If all else fails, our designs are still usable as-is.

Even though your template is looking pretty neat, it doesn’t mean you should skip on making it interesting to read. If you’re not confident about your writing skills, then there are plenty of helpful online tools you can easily find with a quick search.

3. Consider Other Advertising Material

After drafting your flyer design, it’s a good idea to think of other ways of reaching your audience.

Another cost-effective means to advertise is using posters. These larger counterparts to your handouts should be plastered somewhere that doesn’t prohibit them.

There are also banners as a fancier option. Using these might be a bit more costly, but they’re also very eye-catching to passersby.

4. Spread the Spirit of Hip Hop

After sorting out all your promotional tools, it’s time to get them all printed out and ready for the world to see. Whether it’s a rap contest or a dance party, you’re sure to pull in a crowd with our customizable flyer templates!

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