Let's take a trip, blast from the past. Did you know that the birth of the first hip hop party was thrown in a small recreation room in the west Bronx during the year 1973? During that day, the party marked a groundbreaking impact on pop culture, particularly in music, dance, and art. Anyway, if this pop fact interests you on throwing a hip hop themed party, then you need to spread the word effectively. And you can start it by having our high-end Hip Hop Flyer Template. With each of our templates pre-made content and design that you can freely customize using Apple Pages app, quickly get a compelling flyer in no time. It's fast and easy for you to use, so why look more when you can have these in your hands. Download now!

How to Create Hip Hop Flyers in Apple Pages

We all know what we're getting into if we hear about Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice, or Please Me by Cardi B ft. Bruno Mars—the hip hop genre! With the popularity of the hip hop genre in today's generation, there is no doubt that its demand is too high. In fact, in the United States, the marketability of hip hop rise to 78%, which marks hip hop the most popular genre in 2017, surpassing rock genre.

Considering the facts that we've presented above, if you are eyeing to throw a hip hop event party, this is the right time for you to do so. And for you to boost its marketing, we gathered below simple steps on how you can achieve it, through one flyer.

1. Identify the Details of Your Event

You opt to spread your hip hop themed event to your specific audiences. And for you to achieve this, gathering your event details that would allow your audiences to know about your event itself is your priority. Using a checklist, list down the essential information that would comprise your flyer. For instance, you want to have a hip hop party flyer, vital information such as the event's name, location, time, and date are the things that you need to gather. Remember to list your details chronologically for you to track your info if changes occur quickly.

2. Determine an Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Since a hip hop genre also depicts the culture of visual art, you also need to incorporate a compelling and artistic design into your flyer. If you still don't know the right design element to your hip hop flyer, you can consider picking your motif according to the genre's timeline. Do you want an old school 80's dance hip hop? Or 90's underground hip hop theme? Regardless of what is your chosen design is, make sure that your promotional flyer's motif helps escalate its effectiveness in terms of alluring your desired audiences.

3. Choose an App

With the different availability of design applications that you can choose for your event flyer's layout process, looking into the app's specifications in offering you the best design tools is vital for you. If you're new to this kind of project, utilizing a basic program such as MS Publisher or Word is your best resort. On the other hand, if you want an advanced design feature, Adobe Photoshop or InDesign is best for you.

4. Craft your Flyer

Using your chosen app, you can now begin the layout stage for your hip hop flyer. Upon placing your flyer's elements into the app's digital background, make sure that you've already visualized your flyer's appearance. Sticking to the basic principles of design can help you structure your flyer's presentation. However, it will take an ample amount of your time, especially if you study the design principles from square one. With this, a handy visual design lookbook is your alternate solution.

5. Resort to Digital Platform

Sometimes, the effectivity of print ads isn't enough, especially in this digital era. Considering the 79% of social media users in the United States alone, having a separate social media promotional poster for your hip hop event helps you escalate your event's promotion in a full-scale.

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