The Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ, also named as Ascension Day or Holy Thursday, is a special and highly-prioritized Christian holiday that commemorates the Bible story and belief of the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven to join God. Make this Christian holiday be widely celebrated by spreading that you are organizing services or programs with the help of our premium high-quality Ascension Day templates that is fully compatible with all versions of Adobe Photoshop. These special holiday templates are very convenient and easy to personalize to suit your preferred event promotional event presentation design or style. These files are print-ready and downloadable anytime or anywhere you want! Design now to spread the appearance of Jesus in our hearts during this day!

What Is a Holiday Poster?

A poster is a commercial and promotional paper document that is plastered on building walls or bulletin boards to promote a certain event or program. A poster is usually placed in a social or public space where a lot of people walk by. A poster is similar to a flyer in the sense that it promotes an occasion or a product. The difference between the two is that a poster is bigger and isn't distributed to passersby.

Posters are commonly used for big events like a Christmas party or the Christian holiday the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ or Holy Thursday. According to, the holiday is marked in the calendar as a celebration of Jesus's ascension to heaven and sits beside God. This is a time to celebrate the glory of Jesus' triumph over death!

How to Make Ascension Holiday Templates in PSD

1. Pick a Holiday Template of Your Liking

Begin the whole design process by choosing a poster template of your choice. Choose one that properly represents the Ascension of Jesus Christ. The poster must contain traits of any commercialized marketing file. It must draw people in with its design and its program. As the creator of the poster, you must be able to choose a poster template visually appealing despite the event being a religious one. Most religious events do not mind if the flyers or posters aren't appealing since it is about the faith and dedication of the person that matters. But for you, it must matter. You must help spread the faith and invite people to come. There must be a balance in your design. Not too commercialized and not too tasteless. However, if you can't find one then just customize a template.

2. Add Images

Another key element that will help you reel in people to your program poster is an image or a bunch of photos. Do add pictures of people giving appreciation gifts to each other or people praying together in a church. These will help people visualize in the activities of the program or event. Do not put photos of people doing a tug of war. The event or holiday does not call for competition but calls people to come together as one.

3. Write a Brief Message That Jesus Would Say

Posters, especially Christian holiday cards or posters, always have a few quotes or lines to make the poster be remembered. The line or quote usually delivers a punch, but in this case, the line or quote must be sincere and speaks of truth. Craft a brief message, preferably at the bottom, that speaks about being showing faith and being vulnerable in front of God. Surely, your viewers will remember what you have written down, and they might even write them down if they like it.

4. Play with the Poster!

You tend to be imaginative when jotting down ideas or experiences in your creative planner. You play with the fonts and colors. You must do the same with the poster! Play with the poster's fonts. The font styles do not have to be similar. Have different font styles that complement one another. This must also be applied to the color scheme. Use colors that complement one another but remember that the colors must speak of the event. Colors and fonts have symbols, so be careful with what you use in the poster.

5. A Christian Always Looks Back at His Actions

Christians always reflect when they do something. The assess whether the action was just in the eyes of God, whether it may feel right or not. In creating your poster, you must also assess if the design outline reflects the values God wants to see. Review the whole thing for errors too. When you are done, print the poster and be ready to plaster it on a wall! Be proud and have faith!

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