Why Use a Black Friday Template?

With regards to the occasion itself, Black Friday is the fourth Friday of November or the day that occurs right after Thanksgiving Day. Although considered an informal event, businesses make use of this day to give out special promos and discounts in preparation for Christmas. For businesses to effectively draw shoppers, they will have to use Black Friday marketing templates to get their message across.

How to Make a Black Friday Holiday Template in Adobe Illustrator

According to a recent survey, around 66 million people in the US went shopping during Black Friday and spent a record-breaking five billion dollars in online shopping alone. From this data alone, it makes sense that you put everything just to promote your business and the products you're selling. To get you started, we have listed down tips that will be of great help in creating Black Friday templates in Illustrator.

1. Devise a Plan

To fully yield successful results, a plan has to be made. Begin by deciding on a fully functional and useful scheme to entice people to shop in your establishment. And since there will always be competitors trying to win over their share of customers, you must think of methods that will allow you to stand out. But the most vital part of your plan is to decide what tool to use, would you rather go with marketing flyers or email newsletters? How about offering special discounts through coupons or gift vouchers?

2. Put Adobe Illustrator to Use

After deciding on a printed advertisement, launch Adobe Illustrator and start a new project. This application is user-friendly yet has all the tools that both novice and experienced graphic designers can use. And the best thing about Illustrator is that it enables you to fully edit vector graphics without causing any loss of quality.

3. Start-up the Layout Procedure

People are mostly attracted to an advertisement's creativity before they are drawn towards the content, and this is why you need to make sure that the layout alone should be appealing. The best way of pulling off a layout that's capable of capturing the attention of people is by actually putting yourself in their shoes. That way, you'll know where to start and how to go about your graphic templates. If you want, you may also add some clip art or stickers to help elevate the visual appeal of your document.

4. Write the Content

Most of the time, advertisement tools don't have the abundance of space such as with promotional flyers, which is why choosing the right content to write is a must. Focus on the most important data such as the title of the event, perks offered, and a call to action. Also, do not forget to indicate the location of your establishment and the store hours. If you wish to take this opportunity to promote your brand, you may attach your company name, contact details, and your business logo.

5. Finalize and Save

Do not rush into printing copies of your document, make sure that everything is according to plan especially in terms of content. Hence, take a little while to evaluate your work and to correct errors in the spelling, grammar, spacing, and punctuation. Afterward, save your work in a file format that not only allows you to print them but also to share them through email or on social media sites.

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