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What Is a National Day of Prayer?

A National Day of Prayer is an annual celebration every first Thursday of May. It is celebrated in the United States wherein the Americans are required to allow a single day for prayer. Americans commemorate this to acknowledge the fact that their forefathers have always turned to God during hard times. National Day of Prayer serves as a reminder that the Americans have recognized their forefathers' actions--that is to turn to God when faced with hardships. Like National Day of Prayer, Thanksgiving Day has been proclaimed by a president as a day of prayer.

Since 1952, every president has signed a proclamation on National Day of Prayer.

How to Create a National Day of Prayer Template?

For the public to be aware of the solemn day, you will need a piece of advice to craft an appropriate marketing tool. To ascertain what these are, read our suggestions below.

1. Download One of Our Templates

Tapping a social media designer can get expensive. If you want to cut expenses, then why not download one of our National Day of Prayer Templates? These are easy to use and customizable to fit your liking.

2. Prioritize Images Over Text

We are automatically drawn to images than text. Ads with pictures are perceived as more engaging than the ones that mainly consist of text. In this case, provide a logo of the American flag or an image of the USA. Some of the social media ads we see are making use of graphics or photographs blended with graphics and filters. Keep your pictures ad-related and engaging.

3. Make Sure That Your Advertisement Adheres to the Platform's Community Guidelines

Platforms have corresponding community guidelines to protect the interests of the platform and the minors that browse the platform. Restrictions include language and image obscenity, copyrighted photos, and many more. Be responsible enough of the community guidelines before creating your ad.

4. Take Note of the Platform's Ad Sizes

Each social media platform has a suggested ad size. Lucky for you, offers various ad banner sizes. Make yourself aware of the different ad sizes before creating and designing your banner. Sizes vary on placement; these include cover photos, banner images, profile photos, etc.

5. Experiment with Animation

Incorporating animation into your ad banner provides an absolute uniqueness. This makes your banner as twice as engaging. If you cannot offer so, at least give the perception of motion. This can include a photograph of a windblown flag, an individual doing church service, etc. It somehow creates an illusion that the image is in motion.

6. Use Complementing Colors

Colors arouse different emotions. When using colors, make sure they are related to the brand that you are advertising. For National Day of Prayer, the commonly used colors are the colors of the American flag.

For you to be guided on which colors to work well together, make use of a color wheel.

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