How to Create a Parents Day Template in Apple Pages?

In the United States, Parents' Day falls on the fourth Sunday in July. In 1995 The US first celebrated Parents' Day. Parents' Day started in the US after President Bill Clinton signed a congressional resolution. The resolution existed to encourage individuals, organizations, and all levels of government to support parents in bringing up their children.

Although Parents Day is a national holiday, it is not a public holiday though in the US. That means it is observed or celebrated, but business follows usual operation hours (This usually falls on Sunday, so it's going to be Sunday store hours).

1. Decide On What You Wanted To Create

Before you make an incredible invitation, greeting card, or flyer template, you need to decide on what you want at the very least. It would be best if you determined your chosen type based on your intended purpose. If you have a program for the day, be sure to make an invitation. If you are quite busy, a greeting card might be all right. If you have a business and you wanted to make a sale, a banner or a poster would be good. Creating a template is essential if you're going to make things fast and easy.

2. Choose a Theme

Even though it is called Parents Day, you do not need to fix yourselves with the idea of parenthood. Choose a theme that will make everyone at the party or celebration enjoy. A cocktail would be sweet if the funds are enough, but if somewhat lacking financially, a simple country-themed lunch out in the open should suffice. Remember to include both parents and not just one. The day is not a Mother's Day or Father's Day celebration, but it is a celebration for both individuals.

3. Make a Draft

When you've decided on what you wanted to do and its theme, you can now start making a draft. You can try and draw some ideas on a paper, or have a brainstorming session with your siblings or cousins. From there, you can decide if you wanted to write a special Thank You letter, or how your template should look like at the very most.

4. Download or Open Apple Pages

After finishing the steps, you can now go ahead and use Apple Pages to finalize your template. If you don't have the program yet, you can download it on legitimate sites. Downloading something from illegal downloading websites is risky as malware, and viruses are quite active in these areas of the internet.

5. Create Your Template in Apple Pages

After the program successfully downloaded, installed, and opened. The document then in your hand, is now ready to be tangible and become a template through the Apple Pages application. Be familiar with the tools available in the program so that you can expedite the process and finish your designing fast. Remember to add a background, clip art, or some designs that could make the reader feel the weight of the message.

6. Save and Print

Lastly, you should save your file before printing. Keeping your data not only makes it safer but by doing so, you are also allowing the template to be reusable and customizable — ready for the next celebration. Go on print your printable card, flyer, or invitation.

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