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The human resource department is essential for all; if not, most companies. Its job is to ensure that companies employe talented individuals who hold the key to success for the business. But for the HR department to perform well, it needs well-made strategy road maps, mind maps, and presentations. These tools will help provide the HR department with the best services possible. So, explore our collection of HR Templates in Google Slides. These are 100% customizable, professionally crafted, and have suggestive and useful content for most HR staff. What are you waiting for? Grab a template now!

How to Create an HR Presentation in Google Slides?

The HR department needs to make various presentations for the company. It can be about new policies, training programs, or business plans. According to Chron, your company presentation is one of the reflections of your company's professionalism. 

So, start right ahead in making a well-made presentation in Google Slides with the tips below.

1. Focus on the Vital Information

If you don't want to bore people during your presentation, you must only focus on essential information. People often just want to hear vital details. Your presentation is more likely to fail if you don't provide the right message to your audience.

2. Use Beautiful Visuals

Another essential tip in making a presentation is using colors and pictures. These visuals will add beauty to your design. Most people are visual learners, so use that opportunity to shower your presentation with high-quality graphics, like creating a poster.

3. Limit Animations 

Although you want to be more creative while presenting training programs, business plans, or employee inductions, avoid using too many animations. Using transition animation for every bullet or slide will only bore your audience. So, be subtle if you want to add these design elements in.

4. Use Charts

Charts aren't only useful in an HR dashboard, but it's also effective in presentations. These can quickly convey complex information, so they're a good choice. But you must choose the right charts for your slide show. Determine if you have to use a pie chart instead of a bar chart. Select the most appropriate plan for your pitch deck.

5. Make It Simple

Are you wondering if a simple pitch deck can catch the attention of readers? The answer is, "Yes!" Tell your story or share your information using simple slides. Using uncomplicated graphics with the right content will help you win your audience's attention.

6. Get a Template

Templates are useful in saving time. All you need to do is to replace the presentation's details with yours. But be careful in choosing a business presentation template and choose the best one for your purpose.


  • What does the HR department do?

      The Human Resources or HR department's function is to recruit, interview, and hire employees for the company. It also manages disciplinary actions, payrolls, and updates the company's policies. 

  • How much is the salary of HR?

      According to, an HR manager could earn $104,290 as of May 2020. Additionally, the BLS stated that HR workers made $201,380.

  • Why is HR important?

      HR, like any department of a company, is crucial to make the company going. HR is important because it manages the employees in the organization. It also focuses on retaining employees and helps in boosting their productivity.

  • Who is the father of HRM?

      George Elton Mayo is the father of Human Resource Management. He founded Human Relations Movement. He argued that workers shouldn't work alone but had to work with others as a member of a group. 

  • What is an HR manual?

      An HR manual contains the policies and procedures that every employee should follow. Usually, it contains polices on attendance, payroll information, benefits, and professionalism in the workplace.