How to Create an Editable ID Card in Adobe InDesign

Identity Cards or Identification Cards (commonly called as ID Card) is significant in every establishment. Why? Because it serves as an identification and permission every time, someone enters a place, especially when it has a high level of security. This article will teach you all you need to know about how to create an ID card that fits your company best. Study each step well for this will guide you on how to create an editable ID Card with the help of Adobe InDesign.

1. Use Adobe InDesign as your Editing Tool

Did you know that Adobe InDesign is a software application for desktop publishing to create flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, ID Card, and books? It is also possible to share projects produced using InDesign in both digital and print formats. InDesign is used by experts around the world when it comes to graphic design, art, publishing, and marketing! Install Adobe InDesign in your PC or your mobile devices so you can start creating your ID Card now!

2. Determine the Type of ID Card

There are so many types of ID Cards out there. It can be a school ID, corporate ID, government ID, visitor pass, or even a driver's license ID. Before you start creating one, make sure you know what type of ID you are going to develop so that you can plan its design and layout ahead of time. Make sure that its design will relate to your establishment.

3. Choose the Right Design Components for Branding

Next, the specific branding design elements that you want to include on the ID card must be handpicked. This involves selecting the design of the color scheme, card design, header, logo, and letterhead. Aside from that, make sure you use a white background in your ID Card. Save all these pictures or files on your desktop in one directory to avoid confusion.

4. Write Down the Necessary Information

Aside from the design elements, you must gather all the necessary worker's information about the bearer of the ID Card. For instance, if you are creating an ID Card for your business, make sure you gather all of these following essential details: Name of the employee, emergency contact person together with its contact information, and the company's necessary information. Don't also forget to include the signature of the bearer so that your ID Card will be valid and legal.

5. Download an Editable ID Card Template

This is the part where you will design an ID Card Template for your business. But if you want to save more time creating from a blank scratch, then you may download an editable ID Card Template or name tag template online. Choose a template design that fits your brand or organization best. Edit each template of the card by replacing the placeholders of text with the personal data of the card owner using Adobe InDesign.

6. Print the ID Card

Finally, use your preferred printing material to print the final ID card design. Most professionals these days use PVC and plastic in printing the ID Cards or ID badge. Ask your local print shop about the various alternatives they offer.

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