What Is a Service ID Card?

Do you know why schools issue new IDs every start of the school year? Aside from determining that a student is still part of the student body, it is also a tool used to secure the student while enrolled in the education institution. The same concept also applies to service ID cards.

These IDs are used by businesses to determine the currently employed in the company or organization. It presents the identity of the bearer such as his or her name, gender—male or female, position, emergency contact information, and so on. Since it is specifically a service ID card, institutions, businesses or organizations focused on providing services such as health care institutions, education departments, customer services companies, and even service dogs use this type of ID card.

How to Design Service ID Cards in Indesign

Looking for some tips and tricks to design a valid ID card? Then, our general short and easy guide below will surely be useful to you:

1. Come Up with a Comprehensive Layout

Your service ID card should both be attractive and functional; hence, the necessity of coming up with a comprehensive layout. Since your ID card will represent your business and serve as a security tool, its overall layout should encompass both seamlessly. You need to create a structure that will allow you to highlight the pertinent information of the bearer, present your business details, and provide security measures. You also need to choose the orientation—portrait or landscape, that will best suit the layout that you have chosen.

2. Incorporate Your Branding Image

As you know, companies use ID cards to highlight their brands. As you create your service ID card, it is essential to ensure that your business' branding image is incorporated. From your business logo to your official tagline, brand color, official font style/s, standard designs, and so on. It is vital to ensure these branding elements are included in your ID card to remain consistent and create brand recognition.

3. Provide All Pertinent Information

The ID card should present all the pertinent information of the bearer; otherwise, it will defeat its primary purpose. But this comes with the decision as to what information to include and what to leave out. It is essential to consider what details are relevant to your business. For example, the position the bearer holds within the company creates recognition for customers; the bearer's emergency contact information is also essential, and so on.

4. Use High-Quality Images

Service ID cards are no exception to the rule that there should be an image of the bearer. Remember that there's a big difference in using low-quality and high-quality photos for your ID cards. If possible, it is best to offer your employees picture-taking services as part of the package to ensure consistency with the quality. If not, require them to have their pictures taken professionally and have them submit in a specific size to make the process more convenient for you.

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