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Identify Your Small Business or Personal Finance's Profit, Loss, Net Worth, Monthly Income, and Expense with's Free Income Statement Templates in Word. Our Personal Financial and Business Income Statement Form Templates Are Highly Editable. There Are Also Sample Content in the Templates as Your Guide. Download a Template Now!See more

Income Statements are commonly used by businesses of all scales and sizes. Often, these statements are used to monitor their performance and to report it to their shareholders. Simply put, it’s an opportunity to share key financial data with your investors or business partners. 

It’s an important document you need to churn out monthly or quarterly to communicate effectively with your company’s shareholders especially if it’s a startup. This document will show you the company’s financial performance in terms of income, expenses, loss, and liabilities. That’s why it’s important to create beautiful and substantial reports that investors can access. It can be in Excel or Google Spreadsheets format but it can also be done in Word or Pages. 

However, with everything that’s going on with your business, income statements can easily get lost in the shuffle. has a solution for you!

Subscribe to and gain access to our ready-to-use samples! We have many beautiful templates that can be used for your monthly or even annual reporting to get you going in no time. Our templates have well-designed charts and tables that you can change and modify based on your available information. 

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