What Is Baptism?

A baptism is translated as a "plunge" or an "immersion." It is the solemn dipping of either an infant or an adult into a body of water (water baptism) and comes out as being reborn as a Christian and united with Jesus Christ.

Most of the time, baptism is constantly interchanged with a christening since both are similar. A christening is a naming ceremony, meaning an infant is given a name before Christ, and then a baptism happens afterward. However, a christening is only for infants alone while baptism can be for adults too. With all this, you must get a move on those invitation cards now!

How to Make Baptism Invitations in InDesign

1. Orientation Matters

God made man and woman, to love each other and reproduce. Knowing one's intended orientation matters that much to God and it should be the same for you when you create an invitation card. Before you start writing your invitation card, you must ponder on the alignment orientation of your text. The alignment orientation must coerce with the design for it to be effective in presenting the text. Look for baby invitation cards to help guide you with the alignment orientation.

2. A Design that Calls

Baptism is a momentous communion with Christ at the start of our journey. You must create a design that calls the attention of your attendee. Our naming ceremony and baptism templates have default background photos, but you can opt to delete it. You can create your design and place it in the template.

3. Have Conviction in Presenting Your Purpose

An email newsletter contains news of the activities of a business or an organization. A baptism invitation must also contain the needed information or purpose of the event. Generally, you must present the purpose of your invitation, which is baptism. Remember to place the details like the time, the venue, the date, and the name of the attendee. Your invitation should be able to orient the attendees as to why they should save the date, why they need to go, and what they should expect. You may look at birthday party cards for reference.

4. A Font's Identity

Pastors and priests always preach that we should know our identity as a child of God. Immerse in it and acknowledge it. In the same way with font styles, you must know what is the font's identity or what is its use. For baptism invitation cards it is best to use cursive or elegant fonts. You may look at wedding invitation cards for font style reference.

5. Assessment of the Card

As we go through with the walk with Christ, we constantly stumble and fall, and constant assessment of oneself is needed. Making a baptism invitation is the same thing. You make mistakes throughout the process. There might be one font style out of place or a missing event detail information. Assess the whole output once you are done creating. Be like God and judge your work to improve it.

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