Aside from functionality, your debut invitations should also serve as eye-candy worthy to be kept as a keepsake by ensuring you incorporate unique and creative designs. Our Ready-Made Debut Invitation Templates in Microsoft Publisher have been designed to help you conveniently create aesthetically pleasing invitations with just a few clicks of a button. We provided these templates with complete design elements and suggestive contents that you can use and edit. We also made sure that there will be no problems during your printing process by incorporating a print-ready feature; you can immediately print these templates in 5×7 inches paper. Download our free Ready-Made Debut Invitation Templates in Publisher now to enjoy all of the amazing features and inclusions!

How to Make Debut Invitations Microsoft Publisher

Birthdays are celebrated annually but the 18th birthday will always be special and remarkable compared to the other birthday celebrations. A woman's 18th birthday is a coming-of-age celebration and is usually celebrated in a traditional debutante's ball. This is the time where a girl has matured enough to accept bigger responsibilities. And for some, it is also a celebration about the transformation of a wee little girl to womanhood who is capable of standing on their own already.

If you are throwing one of the biggest celebrations for every womankind, then you could start by creating a sample debut invitation. Below are some guidelines on how to create an efficient one and on the above portion of this site are invitation templates that you can download for free. Don't waste any minute and let's start already!

1. Think About a Theme

The first step in creating an elegant invitation card is to think of its theme. Bear in mind that the invitation's theme must relate to the theme of the event. For example, the theme of the event is a masquerade ball, then you have to make sure that the designs of your invitations are all about masquerade or else you will end up confusing your guests.

2. Choose a Template Online

Starting from a blank canvass will only tire yourself. If you want to save time and energy then we highly suggest downloading our printable and downloadable templates here in Template.Net. Our templates have a pre-designed layout and we got every type of party invitation templates that you need. From floral to Hawaiian or either Bohemian, just name it and we will provide what you need. The best part of downloading templates here in our site won't cause you any money because it can be downloaded for free! Hurry up and download one already.

3. Edit and/or Design the Template

In editing the designs of the invitation card, you must consult first to the debutant if that's what she really wanted. If she wants the color red or pastel pink for the invitation, then do as what she says. Don't color purple it purple or royal blue just because it's your favorite. Remember that an 18th birthday will only happen once in a lifetime so give her your best by making the invitation card looking unique, beautiful, and elegant with the help of Microsoft Publisher.

4. Indicate the Vital Information

This is the part where you will indicate the vital information such as the title of the event, date, time, venue, RSVP card, and the dress code. Most debut celebrations have a theme and dress codes are to be followed by the corresponding themes. It is important to specify the dress code so that no one would enter the party like a beggar. If the details are not specified in your invitation cards then it will result in unsuccessful occurrence.

5. Print the Invitation Card

Lastly, print your event invitation in high-quality and unique paper stock and place it inside an envelope to secure the quality. You may also send your invitations through e-mails especially if you are expecting a guest who lives far away.

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