How To Make A Formal Invitation In Microsoft Publisher?

A formal invitation is a type of invitation that cordially invites a guest or attendee to join a formal event, gathering, celebration, or ceremony. This includes business events, graduation ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, church gatherings, board meetings, formal lunch/dinner meetings, conferences, and many more. Moreover, a birthday party, baby shower, and bridal shower can also be considered as a formal gathering if ever they're celebrated as such. So if you're about to host or organize such gatherings, you should know how to create formal invitations. Luckily for you, we have gathered some tips below that will undoubtedly help you to make quality formal invitations.

1. Decide A Fitting Name For The Gathering

The name of the gathering you're organizing or hosting must have a fitting name for it to be easily remembered by its invited-guests and attendees. It's essential to put the name of the gathering on your invitations for that very reason. The best title for every gathering is one that directly conveys what it is. For example, if your gathering is a monthly dinner meeting, a fitting title for it is "July 2019 Dinner Meeting" or any other month and year with the words "dinner meeting." If that's your actual case, our dinner invitation templates are rightfully yours to download.

2. Provide Complete Information About The Gathering

Misleading your guests or attendees is a big no-no for any invitation, be it an email invitation, invitation letter, or invitation card. To avoid that, you must provide complete information about the formal gathering you're hosting or organizing. What you must include are info about its venue, scheduled time and date, and agendas to be discussed.

3. Add Images

It's not always necessary to add images to your formal invitations. However, it's would significantly improve its aesthetic quality. The images you must add on your formal invitations must provide a preview of what's to come in the gathering. For instance, if the gathering is a church conference, the best images to attach are those showing a person praying, a church building, or a pastor/priest preaching. If that your case, you might find the need to use our church flyer templates.

4. Access Microsoft Publisher

You have the freedom to choose any editing program to create your formal invitations. However, we encourage you to choose Microsoft Publisher. Why? Microsoft Publisher is among the most reliable programs that are capable of creating sophisticated paper documents. Hence, you can expect that Microsoft Publisher is fully capable of helping you accomplish the steps we've shared with you above.

5. Put Each Printed Invitation Inside An Envelope

After printing your formal invitations, you must put each inside an envelope before sending them to their designated recipients. Doing so will protect them from outside hazards that have the potential to destroy their quality. This is an important step, especially if you're formal invitations are made of ordinary paper materials. We encourage you to use our downloadable, editable, and printable envelope templates for this matter.

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