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How to Create a Meeting Invitation in Microsoft Publisher?

There are approximately 11 million meetings a day in the US, which equals 55 million sessions per week and 220 million meetings per year, according to Highfive's Video Conference Statistics. The average time spent on these meetings is around 31 to 60 minutes. While the amount maybe is many but 73% of these meetings involve only two to four people.

Considering the statistics, it is fitting that these meeting invitation templates can be of use depending on the need. Preparation though is a significant factor whether these meetings create the right deal. So, if you want to create one via Microsoft Publisher, we have steps down below to help you.

1. Make a List of Participants

The first thing that you should know is that you should come with a proper list of the individuals who should be joining the meeting. If this is a general assembly for the quarter or the month, it pays to involve everyone. Missing one person could be disastrous in the side of the management or the human resource. Never forget each individual, make them feel that you wanted them and that they are significant. Get them involved.

2. Determine the Details

After finalizing the participants, it is now time to determine the details. The venue, the time, and the program. You could have committees to help you if your company is somewhat huge. A committee could work not only for the program but also for the food if you are planning a big event. Finding a proper venue can be a hassle sometimes. Try and make one committee for this also to ease your burden.

3. Draft in Microsoft Publisher

After finishing the previous steps, you can go ahead and open your Microsoft Publisher to use one of our templates in making your meeting invitation. Some of our models are free, so do not worry and download one that you like. When you open one of our printable invitation templates, you can customize it depending on what you want. If you are planning to write an email. Make it personal on the email and not on the design. It might be challenging to put different names on each image, especially if you have 100 or more attendees.

4. Proofread Everything and Edit

Once you think that you are happy with what you made, you should do some proofreading. Try and not be biased. Call another person to do the proofreading. Although your skills are excellent, you still need to look for another person to help you with your meeting invitation design.

5. Save and Print or Send

After the steps, you can try and save a copy of your file. Keeping a duplicate is a must. With a copy, you can be sure that what you are doing will be held. Your designs will never be lost or destroyed when a sudden blackout might happen. Remember to find a proper paper when printing also. The material you are using shows the dedication you are giving in on the receiver or the participant. If you are using email to send this, you can try and create the email a bit personal by mentioning each individual's name or family name in the letter or in the email signature.

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