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How to Create a Reunion Invitation Card in Adobe Illustrator?

When was the last time you get to bond with your distant family members, high school batchmates, and friends? Last year? Several years ago? Or was it too long ago that you barely remember? Maybe it’s time that you get together and take a trip down the memory lane. Planning a huge gathering may entail a lot of responsibilities, but seeing your family and friends for the first time in quite a while will make your efforts worth it. Start organizing a reunion and after you have finalized everything, create an invitation card to request the presence of the important people in your life. In this short article, we listed down a step-by-step guide to help you design an invitation card in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Use Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an editing software used by designers to create graphics, logos, and vector images. With its multiple tools and features, you get to create an aesthetically pleasing reunion invitation card. If you know how to navigate this program, we suggest that you make use of it. However, if you don’t want to start creating your invitation card by staring at a blank computer screen, we offer you our ready-made invitation templates you can download instantly.

2. Incorporate the Event’s Theme in Your Design

For your event to be consistent from the venue’s ambiance to the invitation cards’ look, you should incorporate the event’s theme in your design. The theme of the event or party will be your basis in selecting the color scheme and typefaces you will use in your design. The most popular party themes include circus, vintage, Great Gatsby, Oscars, Coachella, and masquerade.

3. Add Graphic Elements

Adding graphic elements in your design will make a simple document look pretty good. If you are creating a school reunion invitation card for a college or university homecoming, you may attach a logo of your school. It would help the recipients immediately determine that the invitation was from their alma mater. On the other hand, if the card is for a family reunion, you may add a vector art of a family tree.

4. Type Necessary Information

The basic information that an invitation card should reflect are the who, what, when, and where. The “who” usually specifies who will host the upcoming get together. For the “what,” you have to specify the name of the event. If it is a class reunion, be sure to specify the class batch. Moreover, the details about the venue, date, and time should be complete and correct.
Statistics show that summer months such as June (12%), July (23%), and August (21%) have the highest number of class reunions being held, with a total percentage of 56%. To boost the attendance of your event, consider holding it on the months mentioned beforehand.

5. Include the RSVP

You may have come across the term RSVP when you receive an invitation card, but what exactly does it stand for? RSVP is a term derived from a French phrase répondez s'il vous plaît, which means please respond in English. It is one of the essential parts of a class reunion or family reunion invitation. Response from the invitees will help the organizers determine who will be present during the event and who won’t be. Thus, helping them know the exact number of seats, tables, food, and beverages to prepare. See our seating chart templates for a more organized event.

6. Hand Out Invitations

After reviewing the content of your card, save your file, and print it on a high-quality card stock. Lastly, mail the invitation cards or hand them out personally to your friends, family, classmates, batchmates, etc. You may also send your invitation card through email. Some class reunion invitation cards have an introductory letter attached to it. Typically, the class reunion committee are the ones who write this type of letter which they address to the guests. If you opt to write an introductory letter, you may make use of a letterhead for formality’s sake.

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