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How to Create a Reunion Invitation in Adobe Photoshop

Family, high school class, and university batch reunions are usually held in December when almost everybody is back in town to celebrate the extended holiday season. Most high school reunions like to highlight the 10-year or even the 30th anniversary of their batch and reminisce both the highs and lows of their journey together. Events like these take a long time of preparation, from deciding on the theme, venue, food items, and the design of the invitation. To lessen the hassle of the developments, we present you ready-made invitation designs that you can use for your event. With just minor changes using Adobe Photoshop, you're good to go.

1. Use an Attractive Color Scheme

Planning for reunions covers a long time. It starts with a concept, an idea that there should be a gathering to catch up personally with old peers. One thing that makes guests look forward to the event is the design of the invitation. The design may be superficial, but it leaves an impression on how the affair will be. In deciding on the layout, choose a color palette that is pleasing to the eye and matches the theme of the celebration. If you are celebrating your batch's 20th or platinum anniversary, you can play with greys, silvers, and whites in your invites.

2. Include Essential Information

As an invitation is a formal tool to gather people together, it should include the necessary details on how people can reach the events. It should consist of the venue, date, and time. A sketch of the map is also ideal when the place of the celebration is not familiar to the guests. Contact details of the organizers are also crucial to provide the guests with a line if ever they have any questions or suggestions.

3. Play with Styles and Images

Aside from having an attractive color palette, it is best to play with the font styles and sizes to make it make is more creative and visually catching. You can have a variety of serif and sans serif fonts in your card, make sure that the styles go together. But, be careful with the number of designs that you mix, a maximum of three typefaces is enough. Alongside with the font modifications, past pictures of your family or class can also be included on the invitation to make it more intimate and personal.

4. Personalize

Adding colors, fonts, and pictures are already forms of personalizing the event invitation template. You can choose to make it more intimate by adding a message from your previous class adviser or from a great grandparent who won't be present during the event. You may opt to include some memorable moments during your school years, both the funny, embarrassing and sad.

5. Rid of Errors and Distribute

After making the formal invitation informational and beautiful, review all the details before handing it out to your guests. Make sure that there are no typographical and grammatical errors. Also, make sure that all the details are accurate to avoid confusion and reprinting the materials. It is also essential to review the layout of the card, see to it if the colors and graphics go together. If you are satisfied with all the details, it's time to address each letter and mail them out.

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