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How to Design a Reunion Invitation Template in Microsoft Word?

Socializing becomes an essential part of human connection. In building stronger and longer relationships, people need to engage in activities that require communication. When people have not seen and talked with each other for some time, it's important to reconnect. And that's when the importance of reunions become relevant. This occasion isn't just sharing old memories, but it is also an eye-opener to the changes and improvements of individuals. For high school reunions, it's the chance of renewed friendships with classmates or schoolmates and an opportunity to relive youthfulness.

With a 65.8% average, the most popular time to have a family reunion is during summer. Better weather conditions for outdoor activities cause more families to choose this season for their event. For your reunion invitation, it is vital to plan everything with detail to ensure success.

1. Know the Date

In deciding when to carry out your reunion plans, you need to set a particular date. Picking a reunion day can be tricky, especially when considering the schedules of everyone. With that, specify the kind of date you will be having with your batch or family. There are four types of dates that will help you settle on the specific time for the reunion - special date, any date, same date, and holiday date. Special date focuses on significant events like wedding anniversaries and birthdays, while any date is more on the flexibility of the invitees. The same date centers on a fixed appointment every year and holiday date is gathering done during annual festivities. For your reunion, choose the one that suits your style and timeframe.

2. Determine the People Involved

A reunion is an activity marked with laughter, games, and food. Whether you're following a program or not, the message of the event is the same - essence of togetherness and memories. Despite differences, reunions bring a lot of people in one place. Moreover, the importance of family reunions, for instance, boosts the relationship of family members and helps long distant members meet other household folks. For your invitation, list down the names of your family and relatives. To make that process hassle-free, utilize a planner template.

3. Envision the Outline of the Invitation

When creating your reunion invitation template in Microsoft Word, visualize the content of the material. Figure out where to place the fonts, and what typeface to use for your invitation card. Know what details to put in the letter and include additional requests (like formal clothes, party-themed hats, etc.) if that's applicable. You can create a draft for the layout of your invitation card, and you can evaluate to make improvements.

4. Choose your Theme

Upon completion of your initial design, pick a theme for your invitation. Do you want to use bright colors for the design or prefer mild tones? You can also use the blue hue to showcase calmness, or red tints to add fire in your design. For ten year, 20-year, or 30-year anniversaries, there are color tones that match that element. Do some research on color patterns and use that for your invitation card. Don't scatter your graphics details all around the layout, and use only the shapes that blend well with your chosen theme.

5. Print and Send it to the Respective Owners

Once satisfied with the output, you can proceed to the next step. Check the names plastered on the front cover, and then print the invitation cards. These invitation card templates are available on the website, so when you need another invitation sample, browse the webpages here.

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