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How to Make RSVP Invitation Cards in Microsoft Publisher?

RSVP invitation cards are the type of invitation that intends to get a response from its recipients if whether they will attend or not. RSVP is derived from répondez s'il vous plaît, an expression in French which means "please respond." This invitation is not only exclusive for a wedding but also for other kinds of occasions — such as baby shower, birthday, etc. RSVP cards can be of different forms. A modern-designed postcard, personalized birthday invitation flyer, or awesome greeting cards — to name some. These invitations should reach the recipients within 6 to 10 weeks before the wedding. It is because according to a study, there is a 57.6% of invitees respond within five weeks, and 80% within eight weeks of receiving their invitations. Thus, handing them out beforehand is an advantage for you.

Intending to craft a good number of RSVP invitation cards for your big day? Worry no more! Here are some guidelines that we have gathered to help you create a perfect one:

1. Begin the Estimations

RSVP cards are not that complicated to make. The only thing that is making it complex is the amount of time you need to allocate in creating it and getting the responses from your prospects. That said, begin planning when to send you the invitations. You must give your recipients a great amount of time. A span that will not make them feel that they have been rushed or that will not make them neglect your invitation for it has been too long. Put yourself as the invitee for a better time estimation. Since you have been planning, you should make most of it and include discussing the number of guests, the budget to be allocated, the materials to be used, and the method of crafting — handmade or digital.

2. Be in Line with The Event

Your design must be in accordance with the program that you plan to conduct. To achieve appropriateness, you should narrow down the theme of your event because a formal or casual party is too broad. For example, the event is a wedding and the motif is country-style. The design of your document must be rustic and earthy so that it will follow the same path with the other aspects of the program.

3. Incorporate the Design Elements

For your layout, select an RSVP invitation template and open Microsoft Publisher to start crafting. Personalize the template up to your heart's content. Just make sure that the layout is not overdone because it will not create a satisfactory impression to your recipients. Therefore, meticulously select a color or two that best represent your event. Pick fonts that are captivating and pleasing to look at, the same applies to the shapes, borders, and stickers. You may also include an illustration or an image but it is not necessary.

4. Insert Details Carefully

If you want to save time, you must put extra care and effort into entering the content of your invitation. Regardless of what form it will take — postcard, flyer, etc. — it should answer the 5 W's and 1 H. You must inform your receivers formally; thus, making it essential to ensure that all the necessary information is written completely and correctly.

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