How to Make a Save The Date Invitation Template in PSD

Save the date invitations are less formal invitations that give guests a heads-up of when an event, party, or celebration takes place so that they can set it on their calendar beforehand and avoid schedule conflicts. Sending save the date invitations will ensure that more guests will attend and make it merrier. This type of invitation is usually sent for occasions like weddings and birthdays.

So, if you are interested in making one, you can continue reading this article. Below, we'll be educating you on how to create an excellent save the date invitation.

1. Utilize Adobe Photoshop

We recommend you use Adobe Photoshop when making a save the date invitation. This program needs to be purchased but fear not, you won't regret buying this program. Professional designers prefer this among other programs for the reason that it has creative tools perfect for producing anything. It is a program capable of creating any design materials like a brochure, ticket, postcard, and invitations.

2. Think of a Theme

Pick a theme before anything else. Why do you ask? The theme will be the guide on how you need to design your invitation card. Themes need to be attention-grabbing. It includes the invitation card layout, color palette, and graphic design. Themes are important in almost anything, whether it is for a birthday party, an engagement, or even in a story.

3. Decorate the Invitation

Since save the date invitations tend to be informal than regular invitation cards, you are given the freedom to be creative. You can create the save the date invitation into a movie ticket invitation or a boarding pass invitation. There is no limit to how you want it to look like. You can go for a colorful invitation card or a minimal invitation card. Don't be hesitant, play with the colors and fonts to produce something exciting and memorable. You can also add images that you think the reader might want to see.

4. Inscribe the Details

Just like any simple invitations, you need to inscribe the necessary details about the event. And just like any invitations, the details comprises of the invitation statement, name of the event, the date and time, and the venue. These details are necessary since they'll be used to inform the reader about the event. Choose typography that will suit the theme of your invitation card.

5. Print and Place in an Envelope

If you believe that the save the date invitation is ready for printing, you can go ahead and do so. Just make sure that you are going to use a suitable and high-quality paper stock for the invitation. You can search online about the different paper stocks to decide which one should you use. After the printing process, enclose the save the date invitations in an envelope. Place postage stamps if you're going to mail it to people. But, if you're going to give it personally, there is no need for postage stamps.

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