What Is a Save the Date Invitation?

A Save the Date invitation is an invitation that tells the recipients to prioritize your event on this day. You may instruct your recipients to RSVP as well. This is to make sure that the chairs and food are adequate for the number of people attending. To ensure your recipients will incorporate this event into their schedules, send your invitations four months before the event. When assigned a request, some of the recipients will bring a companion or two. To prevent this from happening, indicate if your recipient is allowed to bring one or not. If you do not want gifts on this specific event, you may state so.

Some of the events that make use of Save the Date invitations are weddings, birthday celebrations, and Christmas parties. Requests can come as a boarding pass or a movie ticket; hinting at a cruise-themed or a movie-themed birthday.

Among your invited local guests, 85% of them are expected to attend.

How to Create a Save the Date Invitation?

Your invitations should give away your event's theme. To properly craft a save the date invitation, you'll be needing our suggestions below.

1. Incorporate a Hint of Your Event's Theme

Your invitation card must give a hint of your event's theme. If your event's motif is blue, then it's only reasonable to make your invitation blue as well. But, do not rely on the invitation alone, indicate the attire and the motif in the invitation card.

2. Add Your Pictures

For a personalized touch, add pictures of the star/s of this event. A photographer usually takes the photographs in invitations. This can also give the recipients as to who is the reason for the celebration. If you did not work with a photographer before the invitation sending, provide high-quality photos that are appropriate for the invitation cards.

3. And Your Colors as Well

Identical to the first step, incorporate your event's colors to your invitation card to give your recipients an idea about the event's motif. You can also experiment with the color schemes to somehow deem your card creative.

4. For Added Convenience, Download Our Templates

We know how hard it is to start from scratch. For your added convenience, download our Save the Date Templates. You can either retain or modify the default artworks, colors, and fonts. Feel free to express your visionary!

5. Style with Typography

To further your invitation card's overall appearance, make use of a decorative typography/calligraphy. Limit your fonts to two, because usage of multiple fonts will cause your card to be messy. When choosing which font to use, choose one that's understandable and related to the event.

6. Be Creative with Your Envelopes

What's an invitation card without its envelope? Envelopes add to the elegance of your card. If you can, do not just provide an ordinary envelope. Instead, be creative with it. Make use of ribbons and cutouts. It's the first thing your recipient sees when he/she receives the invitation. So, impress them at first sight.

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