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What is a Jewelry Flyer?

A jewelry flyer is a specific type of advertisement material that is commonly used by a jewelry store to promote an upcoming event — like a grand opening, a new collection of accessories, and a special sale — such as valentines day sale, mother's day sale, Christmas sale, or a holiday sale in general. Moreover, it functions just the same as the other marketing instruments like a brochure, poster, or business card.

How to Make an Engaging Jewelry Flyer?

People most likely prefer something that is tangible than something that is not. That is one of the reasons why printed media still lives on. Moreover, using flyers is advantageous because it is affordable, handy, and accessible. Also, you can directly communicate with people because you can put your personality or your company's characteristic in a piece of paper and immediately create a connection between you. Hence, here are some tips and guidelines for creating a good jewelry flyer.

1. Set Goals

Before you can actually create a flyer, you have to know your purpose and your aim. You cannot fully produce a substantial and effective tool without proper planning and deliberation. Therefore, you have to take some time to set your goals such as who our prospects are, what benefits can both parties get, to what extent your simple flyer should encompass, and other essential things that are favorable to you.

2. Customize

Begin working on the format. Be creative in designing but ensure that everything is balanced. Do not overdo or exaggerate your design so that people will be captivated instead of uninterested. Choose plain colors to blend — black and silver or gold and black, and not those vibrant ones because your establishment is a jewelry store, not a beach resort. Mix elegant-looking fonts to match with your products. Use pictures that speak classiness and luxuriousness like a well-captured photo of a set of accessories that contains a ring, necklaces, earrings, etc.

3. Enter and Personalize the Content

It is time to fill in the layout with its appropriate content. If it is a sale, put the discount percentage that you are offering, the promo period, a brief description of the sale, contact information, shops name, store's logo, and location. Furthermore, do not forget to add your personal touches in it because personalization can help in branding your business. Also, include a call to action to make your craft more engaging. Ensure that your tone is persuasive but not to the point that it sounds demanding.

4. Polish

If there are any last-minute ideas that help for the improvement of our flyer, then you still have time to add it all. Polishing is as important as creating because there are a lot of things that can be added or taken away for the benefit of your craft that you have not noticed while making it. Also, you can review and correct the mistakes present in your sample flyer.

5. Print and Hand Out

Flyers are not as demanding as brochures because the former does not require a high-quality paper to be printed upon while the latter should be produced using a glossy and sturdy printing material. After printing the desired amount, hand them out in ways that you think are effective and convenient.

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