How to Make a Kitty Party Invitation in PSD

Themed parties seemed to have earned the delight and adoration of many people all around the world. It lets people celebrate their special moments surrounded by stuff they love or things that allow them to reminisce about the most beautiful moments in their lives. And it is no lie that one of the many themes that people love is composed of cats. Who doesn't love furry kitties?

If you want to make a kitty cat invitation for your little princess' birthday or a slumber party for your friends, you can follow these steps to get you started.

1. Work On the Layout

To start, you must first select the layout that you think would work best for you. Your layout should bring the design elements of your invitation card together so that everything will look perfectly placed. A well-composed layout will immediately let the recipients know that the invitation was properly thought out and not rushed. If you find it challenging to make an initial layout from scratch, then it is best to get yourself a template.

Aside from that, you would need to contemplate whether you'd want your card orientation to be portrait or landscape. If you already made a choice, then it would be easier to pick a layout in a minimal amount of time and you can get started immediately.

2. Decide on the Background and Hues

Your kitty cat invitation's background should be light and fluffy. Although it may be easy to get lost in a sea of colors, you will need to limit yourself to a few shades. You can choose between shades of pink, gray, or gold. If you don't want to confuse your party attendees as to what your motif is, keep the colors to a minimum of two, especially if you have a dress code. A combination of pink gray or pink gold would work just fine.

If you are organizing a themed birthday party for grown-up girls, you might want to stay safe and stick to a floral background or use a modern city backdrop littered with cats to give and give it that nighttime vibe. You can also use decorative borders to add a fancy touch to your card.

3. Find the Perfect Cat Photo

Hello Kitty is popular with little girls and women. However, it is not to say that you cannot put other cat pictures on your invitation card. But, if your birthday celebrant is fond of the Japanese cat, then you can search online where there is an inexhaustible number of images of Hello Kitty. If they love cats in general, try to find stock photos that you can easily edit and incorporate in the card. Do not litter your card with too many images or else you will lose space for invitation wordings.

4. Input Event Details Accurately

Now, it is time to put the essential information into your invitation. It is necessary to write the exact details as there are many instances where mistakes occur, causing attendees to come on the wrong date or at a later time. This is something that we do not want to happen to you. So if you are hosting the party at your house, jot down the exact address, from house number to street name. If there is a landmark nearby, you can include it so that your guests will never have a hard time finding you.

If you have a dress code, write it down on your invitation as well. As much as possible, make your wordings informative, but not too much to the point where it overwhelms readers. It is advisable to write these details with fonts that are distinguishable so that your guests can read the material efficiently and quickly. Do not forget to write the name of the celebrant if it is a birthday, but if it is another event, specify what kind of occasion it is. Finally, write down the contact person's name and number for the RSVP.

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