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Prepping For Easter Egg Hunt? Or A Baby Shower? Or A Halloween Party? Whether You Are Up For A Celebration Or You Just Want To Tell Everyone Where Your Office Is Located, Can Provide You That Perfect Address Label You Can Send To Your Guests Along With Your Invitation!See more

How to Make Address Labels in Word

Do you want your friend from afar to feel special when they see your gift? Are you looking to add more class to your packaged wine products for your delivery clients? We can help with our lovely label templates! And editing them is no problem with the use of Microsoft Word!

1. Get to Searching

Whether it comes to business or personal use, adding in a little extra something to your letter or package is always an appreciated touch for the receiver to see, especially when it comes to gifts. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of our Ready-made Address Label Templates for you to make use of! Each label design is crafted by an expert hand, containing placeholder text and a finely-made graphic illustration to get it ready for mailing ASAP. Have a look through our catalog pages and you’ll see you won’t be short on choices to pick from; a variety of snazzy designs that has you covered for whatever theme you’re going for.

2. Find Out More About Our Templates

You can inspect a template that you may be considering by clicking on its respective thumbnail from our library, which should open up the template’s own page in a new tab on your web browser. In the new page, to your left side, there’s a set of more preview images that you can zoom in on by clicking to open an enlarged view of each picture. To the right, there’s a section called ‘Template Details’ where you can read information about the template file (color model, DPI resolution, etc.).

Once you’ve chosen which label template you’d like to use with your deliveries, click on the large download button that’s above Template Details. Next, some simple steps should appear that you can quickly get through in order to save the template file onto your storage.

3. Acquire Microsoft Word

Do you already have Word installed? If so, then go ahead and proceed to the next part; otherwise, go visit Microsoft’s website to find their Office store. Once there, just pick a monthly subscription plan to register to. If you’d prefer, you can try out Word for no charge by taking advantage of Microsoft’s free trial offer.

Microsoft Word is also available to use on both Android and iOS platforms. So, you can edit your templates anytime and anywhere on your mobile gadget of choice!

4. Time to Edit

After getting your hands on Microsoft Word and your desired template, it’s time to create your spiffy address label. This’ll be a quick and simple process to get through, since your label design is already equipped with placeholder text and a neat graphic design for you to start off of.

To make sure the overall design looks good, make use of the same font styles and colors as the prewritten text has when inputting the information to your label. If you’d like, you can include a nice greeting or message to really give a personalized feel to it.

With Microsoft Word, you can insert your own picture/imagery to customize it even further, if you so choose.

5. Prepped for Shipping

Remember to save your edit after the finishing touches, and your label is ready to slap onto your mail. Add a dash of flair to your packaging with the help of Microsoft Word and our Ready-made Address Label Templates!