If you're planning on selling wine, then you'll want to make sure that they have the perfect labels. We can guarantee that by providing you with our professionally made and beautifully designed wine label templates! They're readily available for you to download whenever you need them and they're very easy to customize to better suit your personal preferences. Each one is compatible with every version of Apple Pages and they also come in different formats such as .ai or psd if you would like to use other alternative programs. If you want even more high-quality templates, then consider signing up for any of our affordable subscription plans today! 

What Is a Wine Label?

It is a type of label that indicates the type of wine that one is purchasing. Businesses that sell wine are required to produce these labels in order to provide customers with important information; this would include the ingredients used, the alcohol percentage, the year in which the wine was made and more. Know that there are also instances wherein people make their own personal labels for the wine they're planning to hand over as gifts.

How to Make Wine Labels in Apple Pages

1. Use a Template

If you want to make it as quickly as possible, then what you can do is open up Apple Pages and use a wine label template. Open the program and you will then be able to select the Template Chooser. From there you will be provided with many different options to choose from. Take note that you can always export a template that you've downloaded and edit it via Apple Pages.

2. Set Up the Page

If you're not going to use a template, then you'll have to start making the label from scratch. Make a blank document and from there you should select the Page Setup option. This will allow you to create the custom size of your label and it will help you set borders to ensure that everything is displayed where it should. Know that standard wine bottle sizes are 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. You don't necessarily have to follow it but it's recommended that you do.

3. Place a Logo

It's important that you are able to come up with a good logo. You'll notice that every label you find on a wine bottle has one. If you already have one that you want to use, then it's as simple as dragging it to the page and positioning it wherever you want. Just make sure that you're using one that has a high resolution so that you won't run into problems if you need to do a bit of rescaling.

4. Give It a Personal Touch

If you're going to make your own personal wine label and present it as a gift for a wedding or an anniversary, then you'll want to make it special. You can get more creative with the design by including text that you wouldn't normally find on a standard wine bottle label. Consider using elegant fonts such as Lucida Grande or Edwardian Script for your text. You can even include a short personal greeting to whomever you're giving the wine to. Basically, everything is ultimately up to you.

5. Put In the Information It Needs

If you're planning on selling the wine, then you'll need to make sure that you do proper wine labeling. It can be tricky if you don't exactly know what information you need to include. Aside from the name of the wine, you'll also have to put in important details such as the ingredients used, the alcohol percentage, net weight of the contents, name and address of the manufacturer and so on. Know that you can always look up samples of wine labels so that you'll know what it is that you have to put in.

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