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What Is a Lounge Flyer?

A lounge flyer is a paper designed to endorse or advertise a lounge. The lounge is any event or place that people can hang out and just relax. For example, an acoustic event, a party, a museum gathering, a restaurant, a bar, a night club, a VIP lounge, an airport lounge, a summer lounge, or any game gathering. The lounge flyer is a sort of invitation to any of the places mentioned above.

How to Make a Lounge Flyer

lounge flyer template

A lounge flyer is a very broad description of places. There are a variety of lounges that one can choose and go to. So before anything else, choose a specific type of lounge that you want to endorse. Afterward, follow the steps below on how to make your very own creative flyer.

1. Have a Fixed Decision

In making a lounge flyer, you have to decide everything beforehand. You have to decide what type of lounge, the place, the date if it's an event, the overall theme, who are invited, and the small description to allure and entice people to come. Plan everything first. Also, select pictures that encompass your view of the event itself. It does not necessarily have to be a self-captured picture, but it's better if it is. Just make sure that it is perfect for the lounge, not creating false expectations.

2. Start Your Layout

Open your trusted flyer maker app or software like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher. Decide what layout suits best for your lounge flyer. Decide the size and orientation. The flyer sizes are half sheet (5.5 × 8.5 in), standard (8.5 × 11 in), and large format (11 × 17 in). The standard size is the commonly used size in portrait orientation.

3. Choose the Background

Choose a background that visually speaks about your lounge and is pleasing to the eyes at the same time. You can select a picture, a pattern, or a solid color for your background. Any kind is welcome as long as it's engaging.

4. Insert the Texts

Start with the name of the event and make sure it's eye-catching. It is the event that you are advertising, so make it the focal point of your lounge flyer. Make the font size big and style appropriately appealing. Next, are the details. Insert the time, the date, the place, the price if there is, the organizer, and the contact information. Make sure to include all of those. Lastly, put a short description of the event. It has to include all the enticing information about the lounge event. It is an invitation for them to be lured and be persuaded to go to the lounge. Make it short, yet inviting.

5. Finalize Everything

Finalize your lounge flyer. Check every detail and make sure that there is no incorrect information. Make sure the time and date are set, the place ready, and the contact information correct. After a couple of checkups, the lounge flyer is ready to be printed. Print the marketing flyer and hand them out to the public.

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