How to Create a Marketing Presentation in Google Slides

Business News Daily stated that there's one in 25 presentation attendees noted to walk out during a long presentation. Presentations can really be boring, sometimes. But don't make yours a place of yawning people.

So, create an engaging and short marketing presentation with the use of the tips below.

1. Use a Template

A marketing or business presentation template has lots of benefits for a busy person like you. Using a template saves you effort, which is advantageous for you.

2. Share Relevant Information

Before starting your marketing presentation, keep in mind that people want to hear the relevant details. Never include irrelevant info because they can ruin your presentation. Whether you're presenting about online marketing strategy, digital marketing mix, digital marketing plan, or others, make sure to focus on the content that'll be useful for your audience.

3. Use Good Designs

One of the good practices in creating presentations is using good visuals. You can be artistic while staying professional. Google Slides presentation has different themes, font styles, typography, and more. You have lots of choices for your pitch deck. While it can be fun choosing beautiful visuals, make sure to harmonize them with each other.

4. Limit Slide Number

Like what Guy Kawasaki said, limit your marketing slides to 10. Using too many slides may confuse your audience. Limiting slide number helps you to only choose the relevant information, like on the second tip.

5. Use Bite-Size Information

You can't expect your audience to digest every single detail on your pitch deck. For people to easily remember, your slide contents must have bite-size information. Less but direct information help people remember your marketing presentation better.

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