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    How to Make a Marketing Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint

    Marketing specialists and strategists use presentations to educate, inform, persuade, and to raise brand awareness towards internal and external audiences. PowerPoint is a persuasive and effective business tool. However, it also has to be managed appropriately. Business meetings can be a little bit boring when the presentation of data are flatly delivered through word of mouth. They said that people are more visual than they were before; therefore, having a tool such as PowerPoint in advertising or marketing presentations helps the speaker or the presenter to catch the attention of the audience. Here are a few tips that you can follow to make a professional marketing presentation.

    1. Keep it Simple!

    Simplicity connotes beauty and class. A good slide should introduce a single idea with no more than five bullet points. Refrain from cluttering a slide with too much color, graphics, and information because no one wants to see a disorganized slide. Arranging it that way defeats the purpose of your business presentation since the audience will be distracted. When you opt to accompany your presentation with animations, we suggest that you practice consistency—use a single animation only. Moreover, you should be extremely cautious in inserting sound effects.

    2. Deal with the Typography

    The typefaces that you should use are those that are not too extravagant. As much as possible, use formal typefaces or professional fonts, so the registration of the text is pleasing to your audiences' eyes. The minimum font size is 18. As this allows people to see, even though they were sitting from the back of the room. In addition, limit the lines in your presentation into seven lines only. 

    3. Use Relevant Pictures and Infographics

    Do not encode all important data in the presentation because it might make the slide boring. Consider using pictures and infographics in presenting some facts about the topic that you are going to show. Assuming that you are introducing a new marketing strategy to the board, you can use infographics in presenting facts and statistics to make your report more engaging. However, do not put a picture that is irrelevant to the topic or issue that you are addressing because it will just distract the content of your presentation. Moreover, if you are using a photo that is not yours, be sure to cite the source.

    4. Combine Colors

    Be extremely cautious in combining colors for the background of your text because failure to do so will make the data incomprehensible. If you want to do this part successfully, you can stick to the standard color combinations—white on a blue background, black on a white background, and yellow on a black background. Also, refrain from using neon colors because they are not pleasing to look at, especially if there are text on it.

    5. Use our Premium Marketing Presentation Templates

    Are you having a hard time looking for the perfect background for your marketing presentation? If you are, then it is high time for you to download our premium graphic templates and use it in making your presentation. These high-quality templates are professionally made to ensure that our valuable clients get the perfect templates that they deserve to have.