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  • How do ready-made templates aid you in school work?

      1. School projects and school presentations can now be prepared without having you create them from scratch.
      2. The ready-made school templates allow its users to be flexible by being easily accessible.
      3. The school templates' contents are easy to customize and do not require their users to use specific computer applications.
      4. The users can now allocate more time and effort to other school work because customizing the templates is very easy to do.
  • What are the qualities of a good school presentation?

      1. A good school presentation only presents what is necessary.
      2. It should have a degree of entertainment.
      3. It is mindful of its audience's attention span.
      4. It can capture and keep the audience's attention from beginning to end.
      5. The presentation should exceed ten minutes.
      6. Its text should be readable from a reasonable distance.
      7. It incorporates images, photos, and other visual elements.
  • Are there specific applications you can use to make creative presentations?

      Dedicated presentation applications like Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint are very suitable for creating presentations. As for creativity, that is up to the user.

  • What are the features available in Microsoft Powerpoint?

      1. Powerpoint is able to customize colors.
      2. MS Powerpoint can also apply animation effects.
      3. It has ready-made slide templates to enable customization of the presentation.
      4. It can import and edit slides.
      5. It can also add hyperlinks.
      6. It can create charts and diagrams using its shape and text features.