A medical certificate is a written document from a doctor or other medically qualified healthcare professional, which certifies the outcome of a patient's medical examination. If you happened to be a licensed physician with the task of writing a medical certificate, but too occupied to write from scratch, then don't worry for we have our Medical Leave Certificate Templates that you can download without any hassle. Each of our templates contains ready-made suggestive headings and content that are quick and easy to customize. Apart from the editable feature, our templates are also downloadable in any device and accessible on any versions of Microsoft Publisher. Surely, you will find satisfaction once you downloaded our template. If you want to save yourself from the hassle, hurry, and grab these high-quality templates today!

How to Create a Medical Certificate in Microsoft Publisher

Paid sick leave policy is a law passed by the government to allow any employee who has any sickness to file a leave of absence at the workplace and can still get paid. According to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, employers in the Washington State are expected to provide their employees paid sick leave, or else they will be punishable by law. But an employee can only earn a paid sick leave if he/she has suffered a mental or physical serious illness, injury, and others. Now, if you are a doctor who happens to encounter an employee or a student asking for a medical certificate, then this article will show you the essential information you need to know as you make one. Don't waste your time staring at your screen and continue scrolling down below.

1. Select a Format

In making a medical certificate, first, you need to select a format that you can follow. Select whether you like it with a landscape or portrait orientation. But if you're torn as to which format to follow, you may follow the portrait format if you're putting on a lot of information. But, if you're only certifying a patient for physical fitness purposes, then you may follow the landscape format.

2. Gather Every Necessary Information

Once you have selected a format or style that you want to follow, it's high time for you to gather every necessary information to the medical certificate. First, you need to include the hospital details and it is usually found at the top of the medical certificate. The hospital details are the hospital information which contains its name, address, contact details and logo. Next, you need to state the date, the patient's medical information, the diagnoses, and most importantly, the doctor's signature. Each doctor must sign the certificate in order to prove that it is not fake. Why? Because nowadays many employees create a fake certificate so that they can earn sick leave at any time which is absolutely wrong.

3. Choose Appropriate Font Styles

A medical certificate usually uses only one font for the whole document. But, in case there are two, it is because to highlight the most important part, which the doctor's diagnosis. Please keep in mind that medical certificates are serious documents. As much as possible, don't use decorative font styles because it'll only lose the formality it possesses.

4. Add Graphic Designs

In a medical certificate, graphic design is your lowest priority. The certificate should be fine with plain text only as long as it contains the important elements we've mentioned earlier. But if you wish to make it more appealing, then you may opt to add minimal designs. If you're looking for a guideline in setting up the designs to the med cert, then you may refer to our professionally-designed certificate templates above. And if there is a template that matches your preference, then you may download it and use it in your clinic.

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