Celebrate the diverse heritage of Mexico through the good food that you offer in your restaurant. Our professionally created Mexican Menu Templates have been created to help you showcase your amazing Mexican cuisines. These menu templates are 100% customizable with creative designs and simple but attractive layout. No idea what to artworks, illustrations, and background to include? Fret not for we have included original and high-quality design elements that you can use as your own. Plus, you can download our printable templates in Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Adobe InDesign (.indd & .idml), Publisher (.pub), Apple Pages (.pages), Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file formats. Create the best menu for your Mexican restaurant by downloading our templates today!

What Is a Mexican Menu?

A menu is a simple paper or card stock that contains a list of all the dishes and drinks you can order from a restaurant along with the corresponding price. Sometimes, a separate menu will be used to present dishes specifically for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But since we're talking about a Mexican menu, it is apparent that it is a menu that is specifically used for Mexican restaurants. The dishes and drinks menu listed are all traditional Mexican food or dishes that have a modern twist.

How to Create a Mexican Menu

mexican menu template

Show off your authentic tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and other Mexican cuisines in a creative menu by using our ready-made templates. But in case you still want to know how to create one from scratch, we have provided a short and easy guide that you can follow:

1. Be Consistent with Your Designs

Aside from incorporating Mexican-related artworks and illustrations, you also have to think about the colors, tone and overall branding image. You can think about your menu as your restaurant's business card; hence, you need to consistently incorporate design elements that communicate your brand to your customers. Branding aside, here are some designing tips you can use when you want to emphasize certain dishes on your menu: draw a box around a group of items; use different font styles; incorporate different colors or shading; add a drawing around the items, and place an asterisk beside the item.

2. Incorporate Logical Categorization

Using categories to present your dishes is a good way to ensure you achieve a comprehensive finish. When categorizing your dishes you need to think about what you want to emphasize to make the process easy and efficient. It is also best to think about what you want your food menu to say or look to the customers before grouping your food. Pro tip: since about 20 to 35 percent of your items are not necessary to be included, accentuate your most profitable items in every category.

3. Include Simple and Appetizing Descriptions

People spend an average of 109 seconds looking at a menu; hence, the importance of immediately capturing their attention and condition their minds for ordering. Including simple and brief descriptions for each dish allows the customers to know what the dish is, what it's made of, and possibly how it's going to taste. Remember, good, appetizing, descriptions are worth every space in your Mexican menu.

4. Use High-Quality Photos

Although it can make your sample menu overcrowded to include images for every dish that you offer, it stimulates the customer's brain to order the most appetizing looking dish. Hence, when you include images, it needs to be taken by a professional to give your dishes justice and make it more appealing.

5. Provide the Price and Think About the Currency Placement

Most restaurateurs would suggest that you leave currency off your menu. Why? The good minute that customers forget they're actually spending money will encourage them to order and spend more. Aside from this, it is also best to provide the price in the same line as the food and description, instead of putting the price in a column on the side of the menu to avoid having customers compare your dishes based on the price alone.

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