One of the most effective ways to advertise your products and services is to use rack cards. Almost all businesses use this method of marketing to easily catch the attention of the potential clients. While sending emails and proposals are more personalized, rack cards are more generic and convenient to use, they are also cheaper compared to media advertisements.

Creating rack cards might look easy, but it actually needs particular planning and appropriate layout to attract your target market. Rack cards for travel agencies for example highlight more on travel destinations in vibrant colors and strong contrasts. For hotels, weddings, and other service oriented services, their rack cards usually look monochromatic, with specific themes, and often with price lists included. For medical institutions and construction companies however, professional and simple looking ones are highly preferred.

The safest and most effective way in creating your rack card is to use our minimalist designs. First you have to identify your audience, then you can choose from over 40 customizable templates here in our page that would create more engagement to your prospects. They are simple and easily editable in Microsoft Word format. They are also downloadable, shareable online, and printable for display and distribution. Our free and premium rack cards are available in 4x9 sizes and are of high quality, so printing them would be a smart move in marketing your business.

Don’t leave your holders empty, our templates are designed not just to inspire creativity but also to effectively market your business and drive more sales.

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