Marketing is a factor that not every business can achieve. Businesses often try various marketing strategies, yet they would settle for a good old flyer. According to statistics, 67% of Americans prefer to read print media material over a digital document. Take advantage of this opportunity and establish a creative market by downloading our Multipurpose Flyer Templates in Adobe Illustrator. Our templates have an eye-catching graphic design that would make your flyer stand out from the others. Moreover, these files can be 100% customizable and easily editable with or without designing experience. So, click the download button and experience the convenience!

How to Make a Multipurpose Flyer in Adobe Illustrator

If you think that flyers are old fashioned, then you are definitely wrong. Flyers can have multiple purposes, depending on what you want to achieve. Whether you wanted to market a product or a corporate event, multipurpose flyers are convenient for a modern business that wanted to have a low-cost marketing strategy. So, if you consider printing one now, here are some helpful tips in making a multipurpose flyer.

1. Function Before Structure

Usually distributed widely, multipurpose flyers are purposeless without their function. So, before getting into its structure and design, you must decide its purpose. Whether you are advertising your software company or your resort, you need to remember that without its comprehensive content, your appealing structure would immediately go to waste.

2. Utilize Every Space

Now, for your flyer’s structure, you need to occupy the space provided. Although a flyer has limited space, you need to make the most out of it. Think creatively and strategically as to how you would lay out your design. You can make use of the grid method, where you can divide your flyers into digestible contents, depending on the information that you will incorporate.

3. Choose the Right Font and Color

Choosing from thousands of fonts and colors can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have enough experience to do so. But, it would be easier for you if you have your branding guide. A branding guide is a set of fonts and colors that your company uses for every document issued. Make this as your reference for your flyer to be relatable and complementary.

4. Indicate a Call-To-Action

Of course, as flyers are marketing instruments, you need to indicate a call-to-action statement for your customers to reach you out. Your call-to-action must correlate as to what promotional flyer that you are making. For example, if your flyer talks about your accounting firm and you wanted to validate your service, you can indicate statements like ‘’leave us some feedbacks’’.

5. Add Enticing Offers

With your call-to-action, your potential customers would be encouraged to avail of your product or service if you add enticing offers. You can include benefits, such as giving a discount or referral bonus to those customers who can refer the company to others. This simple way would immediately grab the attention of your customers.

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