How to Make a Music Event Flyer in InDesign

An event, party, project, or even a business can be advertised in so many ways, whether digital marketing or traditional. Digital marketing is about promoting using social media, while traditional marketing uses print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone marketing. The most commonly used traditional marketing is print ads, which include brochures, posters, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and flyers. Print media advertising has a lot of advantages. One of them is that it stays longer and remains in the mind of the readers. It is also an advantage for starting companies since it is budget-friendly.

Just like any other marketing materials, flyers are proven effective even in ancient times. According to, as of 2016, 79% of small to medium-sized enterprise business owners have been using flyers as one of their marketing strategies. It is fair to say that flyers are still active despite the birth of digital marketing.

1. Identify the Theme

Prior to the making of your music event flyer, you must determine first the type of music event you will be having. Doing so will help you throughout the process, especially on deciding the design and background of your minimal flyer.

2. List down the Details

Before you start crafting your modern flyer, you must prepare the details first. List down on a sheet the information about your music event. It consists of the title of your music event, the date and time, the venue, and the bands and singers that will be performing. However, make sure that you get these details right so you will not be confusing your audience.

3. Make Use of a Template

Creating an eye-catching marketing flyer requires more skills and knowledge. So, if you are not too certain about making a flyer of your own, you can always choose a ready-made flyer. Using a sample flyer template is more convenient than making one from scratch. Hence, we offer you our collection of beautifully designed music event flyer templates that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. We have templates for jazz, rock, electro music events, and many more. Simply pick the template that suits your theme.

4. Customize Using Adobe InDesign

After you choose a ready-made flyer template, you may add a personal touch by customizing it. Personalizing your flyer template is never too hassle if you do it using Adobe InDesign. This desktop publishing software focuses on creating appealing posters, brochures, magazines, including flyers. This software is user-friendly. Thus, you can redesign the template as well as fill in the details conveniently.

5. Proofread and Print

Once you finish adding your details into your simple flyer, the next thing you need to do is to proofread it. Make sure that all information penned in your flyer are accurate and reflects your upcoming music event. The goal is to gain a lot of audiences. Hence, avoid misleading them. If you are confident enough of your music event flyer, then you may proceed to print. Printing your flyer using a quality paper and functional printing machines adds up to the appearance of your flyer. After printing it, you can already distribute your flyers.

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