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How to Create Outline Templates in Adobe Photoshop

An outline is a list that is arranged in a hierarchical manner. It is used to show main points about a particular subject where each point can be divided into different subtopics. This type of document is also utilized either as a drafting tool or a content summary. Outlines give your work a visual structure and present relationships in your content.

If you aspire to create a dissertation, research paper, proposal, novel, story, or presentation, making an outline is the best step to take to arrive at success. Here are some guidelines that will help you in making an outline:

1. Know What to Write

It is always beneficial if you understand what you are writing about. Knowing the type will not help you produce the perfect document. For example, you are tasked to write about a speech, but there are many kinds of speech. Is it a motivational speech or a persuasive speech? Clear things up and do not be afraid to ask questions. In that sense, you will know what to research and what to write on your outline.

2. Study the Subject

You already figure out the subject—presentation about literature in the 21st century, for instance. The next step that you should take is to do your research. If the topic is not familiar to you or you want to get a better grasp on it, you may conduct a study. This will help you write a better and coherent outline. It is because you are digging a deeper hole and extracting substantial elements from the subject which you can apply to your project.

3. Use an Outline Template

Select an outline template and download it. Do not forget to select a size too. You may pick between A4 and US letter. There is no need for you to determine the file format since the templates are exclusively in .psd format. Afterward, open your software editing application, Adobe Photoshop, and begin personalizing the template. Make sure that you are editing in accordance to your document's purpose. If you are making a project plan outline, you are not required to harness your creative side, for it is a formal document.

4. Fill in the Gaps

Your layout is basically a blank canvas, that is why you need to supply the blanks with the details that will complete it. Start by deciding what prefix to use in your outline. Should you use alphanumeric or decimal format? If you are done deciding, begin writing in a chronological order. Begin from the major points followed by the sub-points. Make sure that every topic and subtopic creates an impeccable whole.

5. Polish Then Produce

If you come to think of it, an outline is not as lengthy as an essay. However, the length of a document does not justify the complexity enveloped on it. That is why you need to examine your outline before you publish it to make it clean and perfect. By polishing, you can review your output, edit it, or add some finishing touches into it. Afterward, print it carefully.

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