According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an employer must pay his or her employees' overtime work. Additionally, when it comes to overtime, you must have a record of your employees' overtime hours to make sure that you give the staff the right overtime pay. And to save time, you need a ready-made overtime sheet to quickly record all the time your employees worked for the day, week, or month. And to help you prepare your sheet, check our collection editable and ready-made Overtime Sheet Templates in Adobe PDF. Download a template today!

How to Create an Overtime Sheet in Adobe PDF

Record and track your employees' overtime hours through an overtime sheet. And to create that timesheet, check out the tips below.

1. Input Your Company's Information

Start the basic sheet with your company's information through a letterhead. Your letterhead will show that the employee works in your company. Your letterhead must contain your logo, company name, website links, fax number, and other essential data.

2. Write the Employee's Information

To ensure that the sheet focuses on one employee, you have to write who owns it. The employee's details must have his or her name, position, supervisor's name, and department. Additionally, you also have to include what month or week you will record the work hours. You can also write the start date and the end date.

3. Divide Your Timecard into Sections

Usually, an attendance sheet, monthly timesheet, and other types of employee sheets contain a table on their format. And this format also goes to your timesheet. Using a table will make your timesheet more readable and understandable.

Start your table by dividing it into different columns. You can start with the date, start time, end time, regular hours, overtime hours, and until the total hours. These details must be present to make your sheet more descriptive and reliable.

4. Keep the Timesheet Neat and Professional

The layout of your timesheet is important. You have to make it neat and readable to make it professional. Make sure that you're not using more than three typography to keep the neatness of your sheet. As you know, the look of your sheet is a reflection of your company.

Lastly, let the person with authorization record all the details of the employee's work hours. Make sure that the details are right to leave no room for confusion or disputes.

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