Lost Pet Finder. Dog Crate Seller. Fish Food or Turnip Dealer. Gerbil or Cat Doctor Poster. A well-made Pet Flyer can do all these things and more! And with our help, you will have access to hundreds of professionally crafted and print-ready Pet Flyer Templates. You may customize each template to create a high-quality flyer design according to your business or personal needs. Sign up and download any of our premium flyer templates and designs now! 

What Is a Pet Flyer?

A pet flyer is a printed marketing collateral that includes any kind of information that is related to any kind of pet. It may be about pet services, pet products, pet events, or a combination thereof. Flyers take on different sizes but the most common flyer print sizes are the US print size (8.5 inches by 11 inches) and the A4 print size (8.27 inches by 11.69 inches).

In a 2016 marketing survey of small and medium enterprises, it was found that up to 79% of these business owners already use flyers as part of their marketing strategies. They are important marketing tools for small business owners since they are relatively easy to create and do not require a large budget to implement. If you are a business owner who is interested in starting your own flyer marketing campaign for your pet store or veterinary and adoption clinic, check out the rest of the article for some tips on making compelling pet flyer designs.

How to Create a Pet Flyer

Flyer-making is relatively easy. But if you want your flyers to stand out from your competitors or if you want people to really notice it because you want to find a lost pet, then take note of the few design tips we've compiled below.

1. Add Your Pet’s Photo

Visual elements make any business flyer more appealing. The images tell a reader what the flyer is for and, to an extent, how much they need/want the product or the service you are offering.

This applies whether you are creating a flyer for lost and found pets or for advertising a new pet show. What are you waiting for? Induce squees by using a photo of a smol and floofy kitten as your weekly pet flyer’s focal image.

2. Focus on One Design Theme

Effective flyer design starts with an eye-catching design theme. Choose a theme or motif that best relates to the kind of product, service or marketing campaign you are working on.

Design themes can range from a unified color palette to something as well-thought-out as a company branding image or impression. Brainstorm with your team on what this unifying theme will be.

3. Be Direct To The Point

Let’s admit it. Flyers (or other types of printed adverts) do not really get read that much. That is why, if you have already come up with a striking flyer design, you need to take advantage of this short period of time to tell them what your sample flyer is all about.

You do this by crafting compelling and concise flyer content. State the who, what, where, when, and why right away. Write it in bullet points so that they can be read faster. Avoid walls of text.

4. What’s In It For The Reader?

In addition to using concise sentences, an effective pet flyer must also answer this important question: “What’s In It For The Reader?” When your simple flyer answers this question, a potential customer will have more reason to use your animal services, pay for your dog food, or find a missing dog.

This is also referred to as the Call To Action. When the CTA appeals to a reader, he/she is spurred into action. Think carefully about how you phrase your Calls To Action to get the most benefit for your business or cause.

5. Follow An Organized Layout

A pet store flyer is effective when it can be easily understood after just one glance. Achieve visual hierarchy by following an organized layout design. Arrange all text and graphic elements in a logical and easy to read manner.

The most important elements (the header and Call To Action) should be placed on top of the page or on the reader’s direct line of sight. Any additional information should be formatted neatly below it.

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