Photos can preserve memorable moments in people's lives. You can protect your photos while adding a bit more spice by placing them in photo frames. Photo frames come in varying sizes and shapes. If you want to have a cool-looking photo frame that you can display your photo in, check out our Photo Frame Templates. Choose a sample among our collection of ready-made templates that are original and crafted by professionals. Work with editable, printable, and downloadable photo frame templates that have varying creative designs. With our templates, you will never have to create a photo frame from scratch. Choose a suitable template now.

What Is a Photo Frame Template?

Traditionally, photo frames are used to protect photos, illustrations, even posters as they are displayed. The photo frame templates you see here are digital versions of the photo frames we are more familiar with. They come in various visual designs and shapes. They are used to add ornamental value to photos.

How to Make a Stylish Photo Frame Templates?

According to The Frame Blog, photo frames were invented in the 19th century by a French wood sculpting specialist. Ever since then, the photo frame has come a long way. Learn how to create your own photo frame with the tips below.

1. Choose a Theme for Your Photo Frame

To make the photo frame stylish, start by deciding on what theme the frame will follow. Having a theme allows you to coordinate the graphic design materials for the frame. Deciding the colors of the frame is easy to do because the theme can serve as a guide.

2. Decide the Size of the Frame

Photo frames can come in many shapes and sizes. It is up to you to decide the size of the photo frame. You can also look at photo books to get familiar with frame sizes.

3. Create the Photo Frame's Visual Design

When designing the look of the photo frame, being creative can go a long way. You can also look for references and gather some visual materials that you can put together to create the frame's overall visual design.

4. Use a Graphic Design Application to Put the Frame Together

Working with graphic design applications like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop will allow you to use image rendering and photo editing tools.

5. Finalize the Photo Frame

After putting the template together, finalize it by putting the finishing touches. Check the templates for things that need to be improved or replaced from the original plan. Once the final result is satisfactory, a photo can now be placed in the frame.

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