35mm and digital cameras never got out of the phase. Perhaps, a lot of people have leveled up their game in shooting portraits, landscapes, wildlife, and even astrology. Stepping up your hobby into a professional career does not only demand skills and expertise. But a well-written and impressive resume is necessary. So, in applying for your dream photography job, you have to sway companies with your unique balance of artistic and technical expertise. But don’t worry. We have Ready-Made and High-Quality Photographer Resume Templates in Apple Pages. Other than that, these files are available in (US) 8.5x11 + Bleed and (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches. Market yourself and let your resume tell more about you. Download a template today! 

How to Make a Photographer Resume in Apple Pages

Since the existence of Kodak as the first camera to be available in the market in 1988, it allows many users to document real-life and significant events. Today, 35mm and digital cameras are primarily substantial, not just for documentation, but as a source of income as well. And based on the 2018 data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, photographers get approximately $34, 000 per year. This determines that photography isn’t just a hobby. But to some, it is a job that pays the bills. Some photographers focus on portraiture, landscape, wildlife, and astrophotography. And getting yourself involved in this craft requires skills, attention to detail, and passion. Whether you are a professional or beginner seeking a position in the industry, you will need to improve your resume. In doing so, we provide a list of steps below that you can follow in creating a Photographer Resume in Apple Pages.

1. Pick a Resume Template

First things first, get hired by using the right template. Generally, preparing your template can be done in two easy for; develop a layout from the beginning or construct the wording with a pre-made one. But if you think the process is too time-consuming, getting everything prepared a ready-made template would be an appropriate choice. So in using your Mac, locate your template in the User Templates folder. Then, open it with your Apple Pages program. And eventually, you will get redirected to a new document with the template you can personalize.

2. Highlight Your Skills and Expertise

One way to impress employers is to feature your expertise. Make sure to highlight both technical and fundamental aspects. Be specific in jotting down your list of expertise, such as photo editing skills, Photoshop literate, and artistic and technical skills. These skills will give you the advantage of getting a callback. Aside from that, these will let the employers determine that you are good at taking photos — both as a professional or an entry level.

3. List Your Work Experiences

Companies make sure that they hire experienced individuals and not just an expert on certain matters. Of course, never forget to pen down your work experiences in your professional resume. Generally, this sharpens your potential. But even writing down your experiences has limitations too. You need to narrow it with your recent projects. By recent, that would mean from two years ago. So, whether it is a freelance or studio assistant job, write them down with its corresponding year.

4. Jot Down Your Basic Information

Basic resumes include profile information. This includes your full name, permanent address, and contact details. For possible callbacks, you need to ensure that you put active contacts. Check what numbers you are currently using. But aside from that, you also need to place your current email address and website. Remember to utilize the existing as this helps employers to get back and redirect to your portfolio. Check if you have inputted the exact spelling.

5. Finalize the Resume

In finalizing your resume, start customizing the layout. Make the necessary adjustments. And ensure to observe correct margins and spacing. Some companies are particular with these errors, especially that you are applying for a creative position. Feel free to change the colors. But maintain a clean and simple resume. For the last step, recheck everything. When done, print two to three copies and win your application!

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