Getting your dream job as a photographer is possible as long as you showcase your skills and photographer work experience well. Hence, it would help if you had an informative and engaging resume to catch the interest of your employer. Lucky for you, we have an extensive collection of well-made and printable Photographer Resume templates that you can access in Microsoft Word. Our resume templates come with suggestive content written by our professional content writer that you can use as your guide. You can also enjoy a preformatted layout and design once you grab any of our resume templates. These 100% customizable templates are available in A4 and US sizes. Don't let the chance of getting hired for a photographer position pass by. Download today!

How to Make a Photographer Resume in Microsoft Word

Based on Statista, the United States photographic services industry gained revenue of 4000 million US dollars in the year 2019. This data is projected to an increase in revenue in the year 2023 that will amount to 5825 million US dollars. This means that the photography industry in the country is developing.

So, if you want to be part of this growing industry, we suggest you create an interesting resume for you to be noticed. Follow the provided tips below in making a photographer resume. Here's how.

1. List Down your Skills and Experiences

Skills and experiences are essential in every resume. That is where your employer will judge you if you are capable of doing the job. Listing down your skills and experiences helps you narrow them out. You may use a checklist for that to make sure no details are left out.

2. Collect Personal Data

After writing down your skills and work experiences, it is time for you to collect both your personal data, such as your educational background, contact information, as well as the seminars you have attended. Nevertheless, both personal, skills, and work experiences are a must-have in your professional resume. In that way, your employer will know that you are excellent for the job.

3. Utilize a Template

Resumes are one of the most primary types of documents to make. It needs to be well-made. Thus it requires enough knowledge. If you are not that certain about your skills in creating a resume from scratch, we suggest you make use of a ready-made one. Utilizing a photographer sample resume template leaves you an easy job. Usually, modern templates come with suggestive content at the same time a preformatted layout. So, all you have to do is to replace the content with yours.

4. Personalize in Word

Since the ready-made template that you downloaded from us comes with sample content, you must edit it out and replace it with yours. In doing so, you can utilize Microsoft Word-the application that allows you to create business documents as convenient as you want it to be. With MS Word, you can customize your premade resume template anytime and anywhere you like since this software is available on any device.

5. Proofread your Document

Basic resumes are essential since this will serve as your ticket for employment. Thus, it has to be well-written and errorless to attract the attention of your employer effectively. Errors, whether it is big or small, will have the same impact on the authenticity of your resume. That is why it necessary to proofread your unique resume before you print it.

6. Finalize your Resume

After evaluating your simple resume, it is time for you to finalize your template through publishing it. Printing can be done by either a professional or by yourself. What matters is for you to produce a quality and informative resume to present to your employer. Remember, your employer doesn't only focus on what is inside your creative resume, but they are also particular of its appearance.

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