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How to Make a Police Organizational Chart in Google Docs

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more or less 1,197,704 violent crimes were committed in the US in 2015. As this alarming number increases, the state police are also growing. And as they grow, organizing and managing each department becomes hectic. Because of the many duties and responsibilities that they have, starting from responding to calls and patrolling to investigating and documenting case files, it takes a lot of coordination and people to fulfill these duties. Thus, the importance of a well-structured police chain of commands. And with the help of an organizational chart, categorizing police positions as the unit or department grows and assigning tasks becomes easy.

Provided below is a guide that will help you create a police organizational chart in Google Docs.

1. Take Note of Each Member

A police organizational chart displays the hierarchy of position inside a police department, starting from the chief officer down to the lowest-ranked members. To create your organizational chart, gather the names of the police officers within the department, along with their positions. And list them down in order so you will not have a hard time organizing and plotting them later.

2. Construct the Chart

With the information at hand, it's time to construct your org chart. To start off, choose between creating an organizational chart from scratch or using a ready-made template. Aside from that, choose between a horizontal layout or a vertical layout. It's recommended that you use a ready-made template if you wish to create your chart in just a few minutes. Have you decided to choose the latter? If so, then check out our Ready-Made Organizational Chart Templates. They're instantly downloadable and printable, and you may also edit them in Google Docs. But if you wish to do this from scratch, start with a blank document.

3. Supply the Information to the Chart

Now that your chart is ready, it's time to supply the information. This also includes putting the title on top and adding your police department name and logo below or right beside it. On a side note, did you know that it's offensive when you misspell the name of a person? That's according to a post on LinkedIn. So observe proper spelling of names as you write them down on the chart.

4. Provide Color to the Shapes

Now, you don't want your chart to look dull and boring, so fill in the shapes with colors. And differentiate the positions by using different colors for each position. Aside from that, use contrasting colors so it doesn't look distracting to the eyes.

5. Review and Post

Once you're done making your simple chart, go over it right away to check and correct if there are any errors or mistakes. After that, have this checked by others to ensure its authenticity. And now that everything is in place, save and print the document. Go ahead and post this in the police station for everyone to see and familiarize with.

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