Pool Party Invitation PSD

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Hot summer months are coming, and heat is starting to take over our systems. What a perfect time to get wet and be wild! You don't have to run your way to the nearest beach to freshen up. By just having the right party ideas, you can already smash everyone with a grandiose pool party. However, it won't be fun at all if you don't have any guests to party with. So, invite your family, friends, and colleagues to enjoy the boiling hotness of Summer. To help you quicken your preparation for the event, our Ready-Made Pool Party Invitation Templates will lend you a hand. These templates are all 100% customizable, editable, and printable in Adobe Photoshop. Download one now and splash that heatwave away!

How to Make a Pool Party Invitation in Adobe Photoshop

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), the United States has 309,000 public 10.4 million residential and swimming pools in total. It is ranked as the fourth most loved and popular sports activity. These statistics show just how Americans love swimming. Hence, throwing a pool party will be a blast. But having a dull and lifeless party is a big no. Leave a great impression of your event by making an outstanding invitation.

If you are having a hard time crafting one, follow these know-hows below:

1. Indicate Proper Event Specifics

When you start making your event invitation, make sure you present the details of the celebration. These pertain to the full address of the venue, time, date, theme of your event. You may also mention special instructions you want to relay to your guests, such as bringing their swimming outfits, goggles, and towels. Remember to keep your wording precise and straightforward. You don't need to sound fancy as it refers to the vital information about your party.

2. Associate RSVP

After determining the event specifics, one thing you must not forget to note the RSVP of your invitation. Incorporate in your modern invitation contact details like telephone number or email. Your expected guests can contact you about their response. It will help you track how many attendees will come. As a result, you can adjust the portions of food and other necessities for your party.

3. Pick a Trendy Theme

A theme helps you have a fancy or formal celebration. Since you are organizing a pool party, you might as well choose something trendy and stylish. For instance, you can have a neon pool party, a backyard party, or a Hawaiian party. Your chosen theme adds life to your event. So as you go along with this process, select a theme that you think would click to everyone.

4. Plan your Layout

The next step for you is to plan the design of your template. With our ready-made pool party templates, there is no much work to do. Customize your creative invitation by altering colors of the background, changing the typographies, and adding more designs into it like balloon icons or flamingos. Make sure that it matches well with your theme. After then, review if you find your work satisfactory. You may proceed with printing your invitations. 

5. Seal in a Compelling Envelope

Your printable invitations should be neat and high-quality. So you can print it using card stock or scented paper. However, it shouldn't end with that. Have an envelope where you will insert your invitation, but your envelope shouldn't just be plain enough. You can check out our array of envelopes for your invitation. 

6. Create a List of your Guests

When everything is ready to go and is just to be delivered to the receivers, Make a checklist of your expected guests. This will help you manage the number of invitations that you need to distribute. Also, it prevents you from sending double invitations to the same person.